Service hockey players resumed on Sparta and are near the process


Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

The second game began to grow quite sharply after Monday's rush. Sparta, who replaced Beran Forman from the outside, inspired the region from its inception, and as a result of the fight with Bartošák after seven minutes the first battle t the goalie Vítkovice in. It was a ghost power game, but it refused it.

The guests continued to arrive at home help, and the atmosphere on the ice then increased. In the 13th minute, Forman put the reel back behind the line, but, due to his location in the visiting area, he did not pay for his visit.

Passing fast on the violinist Vítkovice Patrik Bartošák played by an attacker Spartan Jiří Smejkal. South right, Jan Schleiss.

Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

The home has made the most. Leo Pavelek was defeated, but Machovsky committed himself.

The guests were paid in front of the target at the start of the second period. Rousek quickly responded to achieving a view of Klimek and cleared the sack for Bartošák at the nearest level.

From outside Rastislav Dej of Vítkovice and Tomáš Dvořák from Sparta.

Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

Then Hockey offered options on all sides. Tybor or Lev didn't have a successful finish, but in the 34th minute they were represented by Květo chun, who traveled to the right and his bag slipped behind Machovský.

At 1: 1, she was several times near Sparta. Bartoškah dismissed Bukart's ten-minute chance, stopping a number of difficult stops at Spartan's power station.

David Květoň will be visiting Vítkovice. From the left Jérémie Ouellet-Blain and the keeper Matěj Machovský of Sparta.

Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

Květoň then returned the savings to the home rates, which made a 50-minute minute, after a player played, had an impact on the Machovský again from the predecessor area. In the power play which follows, Schleiss and Tybor could insure home management, but even the Spartan goalie defeated him and wounded the heavy wounds.

The guests were unable to answer now. Eventually, the gamekeeper was killed, but Vitkovice did not take second place in the series.

Extraleague Hockey Playoffs – Match 2:
HC Vitkovice Ridera – HC Sparta Prague 2: 1 (0: 0, 1: 1, 1: 0) t
Objectives and records: 34. D. Květoň (O. Roman J. J.zek), 50. D. Květoň (O. Roman) – 23. Rousek (Klimek, T. Pavelka). Judge: Hejduk, Mrkva – Lhotský, J. Svoboda. Prohibition: 6: 5. There is no need. Attendance: 7563.
Vítkovice: Bartošák – Trška, Hrabal, J. Mrázek, Issue, D. Krenželok, Šidlík – Dej, Lev, Olesz – Tybor, O. Roman, D. Květoň – Guman, Poletín, Szturc – Schleiss, Š. Stránský, Kucsera. Coaches: Petr and Trnka.
Sparta: Machovsky – Blain, Kalina, T. Pavelka, Kostalek, Tomas, Smejkal – Cernoch, Sill, Smejkal – Roberts Bukarts, J. Hlinka, Klimek – Man, Pech, Jarusek – Rousek, K. Klima, Kudrna. Coaches: Krupp and J. Nedvěd.

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