Sesame Square is the first person in the scene of the Society Street


Sesame Street His first character will have a major invasion, as the creators have a " Trying to give children a chance to be in the same situation.

The campaign is rising in response 2.5 million children who lives in a state setting, according to the data that the National Center for Families is homeless in the United States.

Lily's pet is the character that is related to the story, which also tells how he lives in a family that is in the family. from hostel to hostel, and spend a lot of time in family homes because they have no other place to stay.

However, not the first time that appears to & # 39; pink puppies Sesame Street, since in 2011 he took part in a special program where he met calmly the problems faced by each family with his family.

The photo of Lily is available in three videos from the Sesame Street YouTube channel, as well as integrating educational materials for teachers and social workers to address this issue.

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