Set down quickly, services up


The Apple iPhone Xr in its draft RED. – – CHRISTOPHE SEFRIN / 20 MINUTES

Apple warned investors, and is now official: iPhone sales have been on a quarter on Christmas. But after its launch was launched in early January, its company has encouraged its & # 39; market with a good growth in its services department, and Apple's 6% change after its stock market, Tuesday night.

Sales for the final three months of 2018 fell by 5% to $ 84.3 billion. This number was pulled down by a 15% reduction (to 52 billion dollars) in iPhone revenue, a potential decline in the Chinese market decline, where The agency saw the move (all together) 27% to $ 13.16 billion. In comparison, Mac, iPad and mobile devices (mobile phones, watches) saw their sales increase.

19% up services

Above, the services saw their move to 19% climbing to 10.9 billion, slightly higher than the expectations of auditors. Services (iTunes sales, apps, Apple Music) now account for 13% of Apple's income, a point that Tim Cook pointed out when he spent the results.

Now 1.4 billion Apple tools are working on their market, and # 39; including 900 million iPhones. So its company has a & # 39; Looking to have an impact on this ecosystem and it's preparing an outlet service that should be & # 39; compete with Netflix and Amazon this year. according to Variety, Apple has invested over a billion dollars to develop original programs and offer Stephen Spielberg, Oprah and Jennifer Aniston among others. le 245 billion dollars in his coffins, Apple has something to do.

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