Set up a line for naming "black credit"


In the whole of the country and in the Ninh Binh department, in particular, there are many issues on people to use disruption services, financial support for finance, non-official bank or institutional loans, to the also known as "black credit" activity.

According to the Director of Public Security, Ninh Binh, the transactions of these things are: settlement or financial assistance loans, simple procedures, asset or mortgage assets are not required … but indeed this works weak Leavers & # 39; pay those who have high levels of interest but only oral agreements and are not mentioned in the contract or are listed below their own level of interest.

When lenders can not pay in time, conveners will be threatened, and pushing for money, throwing a handle to throw it into the house, use weapons to threaten, force, attack, even assault, Disturb lenders or relatives who cause public disorder … a & # 39; Concerning people, which adversely affects the security and order of security.

To block the situation above, the Director of the Ninh Binh Police Department recommended: Party committees at all stages, authorities involved managing, implementing and administering active branches on & # 39; license, forms to encourage this business. Deal to fight with actions that affect the service of a pen service, and # 39; Provide financial support for heavy loans, debt consolidation, debt collection, and allow the cases to be held in the & # 39; community.

Owners of pen service centers and financial supporters need to strictly comply with lending provisions on flat-rate loans, without accessing pension business services or financial assistance to operate. black beliefs ", use; Do not encrypt, spread leaflets or make advertising against regulations. Failure to deal with the law will be dealt with strictly.

Ask everyone without borrowing money or property mobilized for something "black belief". If you need a loan, then select the legal credit institutions such as banks, credit … trading. At the same time strengthening the education and education of children, can borrow money for the items above. If it does not cause conflicts or disputes in borrowing, people will be asked to inform the active and competent group of settlements in accordance with legal provisions.

When found in the community where the people involved in heavy loans, debt collection or debt collection, carry out actions of bad suffering, violence or public disorder, report to the nearest police offices. or to the police website at: Police Headquarters 113; Criminal Local Police commissioning: 069.2860.398; Ninh Binh town police station: 0229.3891.199; Tam Diep City Police Department: 0229.3864.034; Nho Quan district police station: 0229.3866.007; Gia Vien district police station: 0229.3868.018; Hoa Lu district police station: 0229.3622.514; Yen Khanh district police station: 0229.3841.230; Yen Mo district police officer: 0229.3869.012; Police Kim Son area: 0229.3862.033.

The police force is struggling to fight and dealing strictly with the "black belief" subjects, heavy interest loans, violent pressures, debt collection, debt collection.

For the peace and enjoyment of each community, the Ninh Binh Public Security Department requires all levels, divisions, business owners and people to coordinate the implementation.

Thai Ba

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