Settlement and settlement to determine the general transit 30 and 31 August in Zamalek


The Management and Settlement Center Advisory Committee launched a regulation that included the Zamalek Club general convention on the last 30 and 31st August

Hani Al-Attal, Former President Zamalek Club, has filed an appeal against President Zamalek 40/2/2/2018 in front of her Mohamed Al-Sayed Khalifa counseling, Secretary of the Center for Assignment and Resolution,

The sessions were discussed during the current time and today the rule was disqualified by the General Assembly held on 30 and 31 August.

Zamalek's administration has made important decisions in general in August and changes to the regulations of the club and some of the amendments were put forward and the abolition of electors and enough with one applicant to be excluded from the Council's Hani Al-Attal and that Ahmed Jalal Ibrahim was only, Two members of the board The Board of Directors, and then delete your membership of the # 39; by Ahmed Suleiman, as well as Mustafa Abdul Khaliq, along with Alatal and Abdullah George from the Board of Directors in a formal way, to be all in the company. wind.

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The management is going to & # 39; Emergency management between Zamalek and Al-Attal following the management of the week on the lack of sovereignty of the settlement and the settlement center in the event, eliminating Hani Al-Attal from election to a club.

The final word came in that crisis related to the 2 December hearing about a lawyer sent by Zamalek president against the council's divorce because some irregularities in particular, a general convention has not been established following the application of the new sports law. Previous Olympic Elections.

The juror's membership was legally after the Olympics decision and he was desirable to be present in the & # 39; board and usually attend meetings after he has been away from each meeting of the board but just asked to attend this moment and to attend his -that meeting. Keep your club hosted for meetings.

At the same time, a list of Zamalek club needs a new general meeting with administration over the next period, especially since the general agreement was agreed in August and the budget item needs a new general meeting moved to take its budget again.

It is expected that the Zamalek board will recite in the coming hours to clarify the full facts about the emergency with Al-Attal and its Olympic Committee. Zamalek Council wants to case conference was held But the decision prevented the appearance of a club in the cellular satellites to stop its host; case until the purpose of the purpose was completed, especially since its conference is not capable and will not be broadcast.

Zamalek's president still refuses to & # 39; opinion to consider the presence of Hani Al-Attal to administrative meetings that do not recognize membership; basis, which causes the problem in its & # 39; wind and he refused to give the comments so far, and Zamalek president considers the Hani Al-Attal series of the Olympic series after the recent conclusions.

And every effort failed to settle in the past to present the views of the two parties and the two came into one city within a & # 39; Board of Directors was very difficult, and became President of Zamalek or Alatal within the Council, while the Zamalek Council refused to name its addressor and George within the specialty of the Council Matches .

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