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SEOUL – BigBang Seungri's big singer is in deeper trouble.

Already arranged for prostitution for club keepers of the Burning Sun club, on Thursday (28 March) the police arranged for a secret portrait of the society's owners. Korea Herald.

The 28-year-old shared the painting with another artist and others in a conversation conversation.

It is not known whether the picture comes from singer Jung Joon-young who was arrested last week about expenses from finding women in sex acts, and sharing the film.

The latest news after Seungri interviewed last week that he was just an investor in Burning Sun. He said that if illegal actions – from drugs to taxation – had taken place, he was also a victim, an investor.

His suggestions were that he made women head with Singapore's socialite Kim Lim – daughter of daughter Peter Lim's daughter – in a Arena club in 2015 from a virtual solution. Ms Lim said she had only been with her club's friends.

To date the K-pop scandal has allowed four artists to resign, including Seungri and Jung. The country's President, Moon Jae-in, has urged authorities to investigate the issues in detail once there have been shared prices of artist-groups.

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