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Cape Town – Gutting on knees, & # 39; fighting quietly from knee gift pain, Kyle of Lochalsh He saw the banner that was converted Blitzboks post hung up, while standing on her & # 39; a piece at the Singapore National Park.

His 30-year-old was a badly injured in his 65th competition for South Africa – very similar to his injuries; at Cape Town Sevens in 2016 – and the idea was to enjoy it; Brown said his game was 327 for his dear country.

After Cape Town's dungeon, Brown lost its rest of the season in 2017, where Springbok Sevens founded the Sevens World Rugby Series. The second was the one; at the globe of the Rugby Sevens World Series, as he had just entered the Blitzboks departments when they won the title for his first time in the history of the 2008/09 season.

His revival was hard, but that was the way that his & Brown said he had to travel and run seven competitions, including Players & Commonwealth, the sacrifice he made.

When the Blitzboks returned again until the Rugby Sevens World Series was again, even bigger. But this time, however, broke on a rugby playground, Brown heard many voices of the head.

"To be honest, I thought it was the idea that I would be calling for the day if I had to come through the lost season," Brown said This amazing day at the end of April.

As he started his rehabilitation process, the growing power of the church and his desire to do so; hitting the problems, stronger and stronger

And finally it came to fruition – the second time – when Neil Powell named the team to travel to Dubai for the opening of the 2018/19 World Sevens Rugby Series.

"It was an amazing feeling," said Brown.

"SAS's medical staff and our management were very good. We have set up the challenge to come back to Dubai and I'm very pleased to be able to do it .

"It's back in the places that allow me to spend more time on the range with the amazing of these people and do something with that we all want – throwing a rugby ball around. "

Can not return to & # 39; Brown was a favorite of the Sevens, a rugby home in Dubai, where he dropped ten years ago as a new-born dentist by mullet.

"Yes, it has been the nine World Series and World Cup competitions here since then, so my fun was good in this place," said Brown when the team started preparing for the A great event, which begins on Friday when Blitzboks will host Zimbabwe, Samoa and Argentina in Section A.

"Dubai is a fantastic situation to play rugby. The weather is good, the population is good and we have great support here. This is a special place to visit in fact , "said Brown from the place where he won three gold medals in nine competitions.

The Brown is feeling that the energy is in. pick up: "Many teams are just starting to start their season, and maybe even just to get rid of a pre-season, because that can be very awful. But we're pretty Sorry to be ready and this is the first opportunity we need to play. "

Play – now this is the Brown word that uses it with great laughter.

"I do not think I have a lot of eye, I need to let the legs pump and do my. We have a wonderful team with some amazing players and I need to make sure that I'm doing my part, "Brown said when he started to do it; lifting drills.

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