Seven Russian regions move to digital broadcasting


MOSCOW, 11 February – RIA NewsNext The first broadcast of digital broadcast will be & # 39; Beginning in Russia on Monday, the analog signal will be linked between Magadan, Penza, Ryazan, Tula, Ulyanovsk, Yaroslavl and Chechnya.

Earlier, the Tver division became the pilot department – then the translation signal was decommitted in December 2018.

As Deputy Russian Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Communications, Alexey Volin, said, in particular, all sections of the first wave are ready to turn the analog signal, and none of them will have the minimum burden to the ministry. In all units that move to "digital", representatives of the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and RTRS will work together.

On the second wave, April 15, stop analogue broadcasting in another 20 Russian division, and on 3 June in the remaining 57.

Improving the analogical signals in the areas will be able to; happen when available. When the digital broadcasting network was launched, Russians should set a set of 20 high quality TB channels compared to those offered previously only in paid packages.

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