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A.j. Green: cheap jerseys from china Running 卫 米 与 with Galley, Bell is not the same

Beijing September 11th, these years have been increasingly rising, and Joe Mixon is one of the players who can rush.

After the performance of the throduct season, this Mason’s running guards ushered in the first outbreak point. On Sunday, the opening ceremony of the small horse, Mickesson took the 95 yards, achieved a reached, wholesale jerseys from china he was also used as a pass target, completed 54 yards, and only No. 2 players in AJ Green.

Mickesson advanced more than 20 yards twice, and the advancement of more than 10 codes were advanced. Such performance allows Green believes that the ability of Mickesson and Le & Rsquo; Veon Bell, Todd Gurley, etc..

Green said: “You will put him and Levieon, Galli, they have the same ability.”

At the beginning of the opening, cheap jerseys from china the performance of the Tiger Offensions Group is not good. The four-point Wei Di-Dalton is the first pass, but the team has gradually entered the best after the frequency of the Microsong’s frequency.

Mickesson said: “I will tell the outside take-away, do their things. They can open the defensive players, or complete the shielding, I am very excited, Ma Wen (in half At the time of the game, tell us to calm down and can’t be defeated by yourself. So we retrieve the flag drum, try to complete each advancement. Attack front line is great, they block the other party. “