Seven years after the Bac Giang case, pain Van Van Hoh: "Hours to pay for children's lives"


"I usually used to be guilty of the house, with a mask always, not to go out.

For more than 7 years, the name of Van Van is the name of the entire family at the Ngoc Bich gold shop (street, Phuong community, Luc Nam district, Bac Giang area) This was an amazing case, the man and woman of the gold shop Ngoc Bich and his son of 18 months were brutally murdered. The 8-year-old girl was cut off her right.

Moving to the place that everyone has to do. talk about this name. He was convicted at the age of 18, but the actions of the person who frightened her were frightened when he remembered it. After this event, relatives gave the same daughter to the South, to learn to to push pain.

Ngoc Bich's gold shop is now a family of gold dealers of his brother. On the second floor of the house it is still hanging but it was gradually rusty. What's inside is gradually discovered from the loss they have overcome over the years.

Le Van Lanh stood before the court hearing the sentence

After the incident, the family was destroyed. Mr Le Van Mien (father's training) arrested his behavior because of his loss and failure. oppose the crime. His brother had to go out of school at the center of the way because he could not talk to friends. And Mrs. Truong Thi Thom (mother of practice) is at the time of a serious psychological disease due to her; shaking. The only woman in the house suffered so much pain that she could not pass, the whole family to the exile.

The Ngoc Bich gold shop is now sold by the man and his wife, the plaque has not changed

In recent times, we have access to Thanh Lam commune, the Luc Nam area – Le Van Luyen home. This cottage is opposite the People Thanh Lam Committee. In the home with no value, Mrs. Thomson said, a family has decided to return here. lived nearly two years. Before that the house was empty, all the family had to go elsewhere because they were in a position; refusing to talk to many people.

According to Thom, the first time after the child was sent to her; defeat the murder, the whole family had a great influence. Throughout the day, she was not just shouting and lying down in the house, without going to her; talk to anyone. She just builds her brother and her; look young, look forward to every day, every hour and then go to; Think for a month, then a year …

"Having been thinking about that time was sad, my two and I were arrested." Before I did; I worked as a pioneer, I was not sorry, but I did not talk so much. I'm not sorry to stop adding anything. Many people understand that they are " Ask but I'm not willing to stand., Ms Thom said.

Mrs. Thơm had a & # 39; trying to get over after they had done, every day she did, weaving a yellow horse

"Now I have to work to pay my son …"

Mrs. Thomson then volunteered to overcome all this, and her relatives also encouraged her. She got cousins ​​on loan, bank loans to influence the family's impact when the son was after the crime. By 2015, Mr Mien completed his prison to return home, let his health down.

In 2017, both decided to return home to live, and look for work to pay arrears.

"Back here I do not sell meat now, I started learning the wild horse of the wild horse. With its first apprentices it's hard, many times to go to. making clothes and stretching to throw their whole hands. Just not teaching them without taking money just to teach me.

At first I was afraid to do this work with anyone but then their relatives also encouraged peace to make business. If you are guilty of punishment, you must make up for your family life. ", Heart of Mrs. Thom.

So every day she got up and started to work a horse-horse work early, and kept her. hit each horse with every kind of guest who asked her. People would also tell each other so it is full.

"Fortunately, there is work I do in the field, every day from morning to 10-11 hours to relax, night to my husband and share my sub-units; weaving the next morning. This is just as the daily contribution of a lagoon is 120-150,000, but I will continue to work so that I'm not so sorry and now it's only a & # 39 ; worry about paying money to pay my debts to my children. "Unstable", their mother Le Van Luy said.

Mrs Thom does not have time for the family to pay for their debts

Mrs Thomson, initially said that he was angry at a son but her son; his own mother as his beloved lover. She told me that I was in a reserved camp.

"My life is split up, I know that my mistake is so big but now I know how I will do it." My husband and I are still trying to get together., Mrs.

On the morning of 24/8/2011, Le Van Luy broke into the Ngoc Bich gold shop, cut a camera system, and # 39; bothering a bell, and affecting the owners of the dead woman. Their big daughter (Bich) was cut to the right, the young man was killed.

At the same time Le Van Luyen (18 years old, who lives 4 kilometers from Ngoc Bich) was taken to the clinic by a cousin who injured his wounded hands. On the afternoon of 24/8, the Bac Giang police complain was investigated by this special case.

On August 26, Deputy Secretary of State Pham Quy Ngo and Chief Department of Police Department for crime prevention came to investigate the scene. The commissioning of hundreds of inspectors of the Ministry of Public Security and Public Security was commissioned.

On 29 August, Lien's house was discovered, a police detected on a plastic bag with hundreds of rings, a gold chain (about 50 branches) buried in the back garden. Mr Le Van Mien agrees to hide his son's yellow bag.

Le Van Luy's house is not worth it.

On 30 August, a complaint was filed, particularly in demand. His parents and two others were investigated to prevent crimes and not to tackle crime.

On 31st August, after 6 days of idle and only one day after the investigation group was given a special warrant, Le Van Luyen was arrested at Lang Son. He acknowledged that the murderer caused the murder. 200 gold gold, almost 153 gold in the first floor display, the total value of the property is more than 1.27 billion.

At the trial began in 2012, Le Van Luyen was convicted of a total of 18 years in prison for three accounts: murder; Robbery; Reliable use of trust.

The remaining six defenders of the case, including Le Van Mien (Dau Tuong), were sent to 48 months in prison for hunting crime; Truong Thanh Hong and Le Thi Dinh were convicted for 30 months, 15 months. Le Thanh Nghi received a 15-month fine, Truong Van Hop for 12 months and Duong Thi Luoc for 9 months.

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