Sevilla FC – Lazio of Rome


So Sevilla did and followed him. We must admit that he is deserving, today he was a much better team. The route could come in the second half when Vázquez weakened his team and got the second yellow card. The guests of Sevilla received several times under great pressure, but the goal was not enough to meet them. In addition, Lazio came in 71 minutes of Marušiča, who got a red card and helped the home team. The last one later followed the second goal after the magnificent mix of Jesus Navas and Pablo Sarabiu. But the hero of today's game was not a goal. Tomáš Vaclík today sang a big penalty and went to a team on the field. I enjoy you for today and I'm sorry. longing for a good afternoon break. Goodbye

Holding member: 49%: 51%.
Shots on target: 5: 3. Shots off: 4: 8. Ossans: 6: 6. Offside: 2: 3. Views: 9:15.

90 + 2

Sevilla, on the other hand, is not trying to attack her & her; game further.

90 + 1

The referee took another three minutes.


Lazio's attempt, trying to attack and at least one goal, is very spectacular.


The hero in today's game is that Czech visitor Tomáš Vaclík, who today has made a number of foolish attacks and has made a huge contribution to the benefit of his people.


Home team fans do not now show the way.


Immobille now has a built-in envelope, but did not he even got it


Cataldi tried to shoot from a long distance but this picture did not have the essential strength and Vaclík's voyage was in a position; catch up perfectly


Statistics also hold a member for hair: 50% – 50%.


And Lazio is not clearly playing her & # 39; game and brisk forever. Another yellow card, this time for Immobile.


A place in FC Sevilla: from outside Roque Mesa, a & # 39; coming from Marko Rog.


The home listeners have been beautifully revived, which has not been widely heard in the game.


We have at least ten minutes, but I have a think it has already been decided. FC Sevilla goes on to the eighth final.


Sevilla has won a win!

It is decided! Navas was very good but only for PABLOM SARABIOM on the right after 28 minutes, but he could only look at it with problems. PABLO SARABIA was essential to restore a contract in the game, and ordered his team to change a strategy.


Lazio will abolish Durmisi's attack zone and will surely play a game.


Situated in Lazio in Rome: Milan Badelj a & # 39; leaving Riza Durmisi.


Lazio is preparing for his final visit.


Ben Yedder could put another goal in the middle, but the ball went over.


Currently, Sevilla comes with his own half.


Even we were & # 39; thought the visit to the guests side was hanging, the fool came to the blood and the forces were restated.


Marušić has now been imported into the net to take his head in his pension.


Seville has a long-standing member and attempts to attack him.


The guests were now attacked, but they stopped.


Very good in a good opportunity! The Lazia attack was a ball in his box, to send his ball to Vaclíka, who put the ball in the highest score. So it was very tight!


It was a bad day; for the game built by Promes how the ball was held in the middle of the pitch corner. He tried to shoot away from a long distance, but the gate did not hurt.


Statistics hold a balance balance: 52% – 48%.


Lulić was shot on the left of the Seville gate, but Vaclík made another successful move and held the ball in his arm.


Lazio is organized separately by the enemy. As Sevilla gun Vazquez has played Lazia on horseback.


Continuing in FC Sevilla: André Silva is a " coming out, Ibrahim Amadou comes out.


Now the guests can settle! Two Correa and Rômulo were able to burn in penalties, but they did not know what they should do, and they did. burn at the gateway.


Sevilla is now coming to Vazguez, who would have to pull the brake and stop Romul, who would going very big. So Sevilla has a half-set set of game with ten players.


The second yellow card of Franco Vázquez arrives from the edge of the wall; game and the ball goes out.


Lazio is very active in attacking the home team and has forced to download Vaclav for the second time.


After Healary replaced Sevilla, the referee had a 2-0 lead marker.


Sevilla is half-backed by the opponent.


Situated in Lazio in Rome: Sergej Milinković-Savić is a & # 39; leaving the field with Rômulo.


Great opportunity! Acerbi went into tattoo ground. He stood alone on the front of his gate and did not; just visit to visit Tomáš Václik came in to finish her game. Lazio was now playing the best chance in the game.


An immobile has shown signs that the best player is. today, as it has been able to make many interesting moves already.


Marušić sent a penalty just before the center, looking for his way to Immobile, but he did not find it.


In the second half, a better football player has been ahead of them.


Sevilla brings together the enemy.


Sevilla is now a great opportunity. The home side works through their way. Vázquez went well to the gate and Strakoš had to oppose.


A venue for Lazio in Rome: Patric has a " Left, Joaquín Correa is coming.


Lazio is preparing for her first visit.


Sevilla is strongly attacking every record of Lazio, it seems that it is not at all.


The second half started breaking the team team.


Second half began.

This is the first half of the game, and we can think that Sevilla is already near to Spain; going on to the eighth competition of Europe's European Championship. The side of the house came to a 20-minute goal that was killed from the right in the game from Ben Yeddera. We have not seen more goals since then, so we will go to the second half with 1-0 draw.

45 + 3

It's half past.

45 + 2

We can see the first session that n; bankruptcy on the side of the house. But he did not succeed and the member finished in gloves of Václík.

45 + 1

The referee gave two minutes.


Statistics holding a ballot are totally balanced: 51% – 49%.


Lazio is currently playing in the middle of her; the park.


Great even on the home side! Driver's prompted good on the left, but the ball went over.


After hearing, we heard the spit, Lazio had a number of good opportunities.


Lulić boxes were a long member of the goal. Sergi Gómez was standing in the right place and sent the ball to safety.


Sevilla has now made a mistake and attempts to use Immobile immediately, pull the ball forward and burn at the Vaclik gate to the right. However, he did not work with this photograph because he was going out of the venue.


Patric put a good cross into the penalty area, waiting for Immobile, but Mesa was very keen to take the ball.


Mesa tried to shoot at six, but the ball did not work well and was disagreeable. The ball is on the left.


Bee does not move anywhere and its location; joining himself.


Navas Mesu himself was preserved for foul. Lazio throws the cars on its own.


Lazio can not take the ball to the corner but the team team has a defensive team of their team team.


Lazio is currently putting pressure on her; home club.


Caicedo was pushing her; envelope with her back and getting her & # 39; yellow card.


After half an hour of the game, it seems that he has filled up the vacant places and only one is seen in the hospitality department.


Sevilla shone three times at the gateway, on the other hand, Lazio did not.


So far, we have seen the great leadership of the Spanish team over the Italian team and, if they stay in this game, they should have a special course. Not only Lazio, the same goal can change everything.


Promes left Lazia Crois coming to the left, but the picture was out well. Cataldi had a good chance to put forward his team, but his copy was left from the left.


At the same time, Sevilla shook the number of goals set out in the European League for a hundred.


Lazio has today brought the game back to Strakoš, because Seville is a major attack.


Statistics holding a member: 55% – 45%.


Eventually, home-hosting identifies a target to & # 39; club.


So for Seville he looks very promising.


Its yellow card has a & # 39; get Patric (Lazio of Rome).


Sevilla has won a win!

And the housewives are going to the direction! WISSAM BEN YEDDER built the beautiful girl from the middle of her piece, and Sarai sent the ball to Strakoš. Strakoš was the right way, but Ben Yedder was right there!


For Vazquez the second yellow card in the & # 39; This double game and so Sevilla's case will not play in the next game.


It is a yellow card Franco Vázquez (FC Sevilla).


In a good opportunity! Lulić received a member with half the enemy's face; go to the back of the field. But Vaclík was a disappointment, however.


So far, we see a lot of unjust passes that make it possible to create greater goals.


Ultimately Lazio, getting her & # 39; member and set up a & # 39; game, which usually occurs in Lazio.


Captain Seville tried to think again, this time his way is long and finishing in Strakoš's arms.


Navas was dependent on their ability to make an attack by itself, but at the moment. Eventually the free box was dismissed.


Patric was now shooting a picture from the right in the middle, and # 39; gives the Promesa the opportunity to win the ball.


Sevilla is the best in terms of subtitles from this coup. She won five to date, and none of the European clubs can tell them.


Jesus saves through the defense on the right where he turned the ball into the enemy's box. But the ball went over.


Sevilla is working again at half the opponent.


Scudero did not play well today. Sevilla comes to one of the three representations that could be possible in the & # 39; opening game.


Continuing in FC Sevilla: Sergio Escudero will be able to go to leaving Quincy Promes.


Escudero now leaves team women outside the blade. He may have got a hook. Today it seems to have finished.


The playbill appears to be full today, but we also see vacancies. It will not be sold out.


Both teams have just dropped.


Sevilla made a corner corner just in front of her game. But the long picture, André Silva, had to be helped. Very bad corner.


Sevilla brings together the enemy.


The game began to be an expert on the field.


A meeting just started.

In a home game, we will see Tomáš Vaclík, a Czech guardian.

Players are already on the loft and the game is slow to start.

Starting assemblies:

FC Sevilla: Vaclik – Mercado, Kjaer, Sergi Gomez – Navas (C), F. Vazquez, Mesa, Sarabia, Escudero – André Silva, Ben Yedder.
Representatives: Soriano – Amadou, Munir, Rog, Arana, Gil, Promes.

Lazio Rome: Strakoša – Patric, Acerbi, Radu – Marušić, S. Milinković-Savic, Badelj, Cataldi, Lulić – Immobile, F. Caicedo.
Representatives: Guerrieri, Proto – Lucas Leiva, Correa, Durmisi, Parolo, Rômulo ..

In the six final sessions of the European League, FC Sevilla and Rome Lazio count.

FC Sevilla has a greater chance for its game. In this game, a & # 39; I enjoy a home environment and play in the game (1: 0) and so it's definitely a & # 39; Go to this game with more compassion. The Spanish is not the best, but Lazio is the only one in the last five games. Before that, Sevilla beat the Barcelona Cup of Spain (1: 6), and hit Celta Vigo (0: 1), drag it with Eibar (2: 2) and the last tour with Villareal (0: 3). Sevilla has gone on to go through the appropriate games when it comes to the six decisions, where it has a very positive opportunity to move forward.

Lazio Rome is a better form of seville. Of the last five games, Lauza won three. Initially they gave the most valuable result in this series when they were in the final of the Cup of Italy that were interposed between Inter Milan on their own playground. Then they won twice in the Service A home as one 1: 0. But then the home game came with Sevilla, who did not Lieutenant himself and how he fell into another home game, when the Genoa FC lost 1 : 2.

Betting Officers of the homepage were the best in this game, but I would not give it so clear. Lazio has still shown that it is possible to demolish a rival between Inter Milan and will surely try to play in Spain.

Welcome to online transfer. A meeting will start at 18:00.

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