Sewage sweeping Beirut, a "road flood" video recorder (video)


"The flood of roads" (video), the Beirut sewage storms .. Video "recording" road floods "(Video) News Naseem, a & # 39; Bring out the BBC News, "Flood of Roads" (Video) We are publishing your new news today through our Nassim News website and its news, Starting with the main news, Beirut's sewage assault and a "road flood" video clip (video).

News Naseem The research found that a tourist center, a multi-sea property on its doors was recently opened on the famous Ramla beach, which was involved in blocking sewers in the surrounding area, which led to blasting and flooding on the streets.

Fees and failures

Beirut's regulator, Ziad Shabib, is a news conference, the "Eden Bay" and "Getaway" tourism project in the south bank; Town, Development and Reconstruction Council and a number of other restaurants, which are responsible for the "Flood Friday" before the public was excused about what happened.

"There is a sewage treatment plant and pump stations in the River Ghadir south of Beirut since 2001, but it has not been done and has not been implemented," said Shabib, to challenge the Municipality of Scrapbook. barriers to the Beirut towns of Beirut, which produced floods in the White Ramla area. "

He told Shabib, "the owners of the hotel created that they started the corridor from the base of Ramlet al-Baida, and casting rods of raw stamp, which came to frost water that was immediately occurring, and creating a concrete barrier, which prevented the sewage from getting to the sea. "

He said "there is a process of public buildings, at the Ramla Geal site from the surface and lower, and as a result of the flood that was held on Friday."

Legal steps

After a wave of madness over the "flood," the Attorney General of the Chassis Court, Judge Samir Hammoud, called Sunday on behalf of the Court, Chief Criminal Investigation Division will immediately investigate the availability of sewage in several places in Beirut, this action will apply them directly to research.

Hundreds of people have appeared for years near the center's construction site, which outlines criminal and criminal accusation officers. offenders' coverage of public buildings.

River Waste

Last September, media leaders put pictures showing waste streams in the south bank of southern Beirut, the main stronghold of Hezbollah guerrillas.

The video surprised many of the Champions who had been thinking of these scenes to be able to go to; Introducing the ever-growing situation in the country, because The economies affect the state and its sections.

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