Sexual violence in the Circumvesuviana rebellion, the victim: another boy released, the sufferer: "Confidential and substantial"


“I am disappointed and strange, not least because I cannot understand how it is possible to make such a decision, which makes me think I was not Believing in my story "The 24-year-old girl from Portici (Naples), with these few words, is tormenting her lawyer Maurizio Capozzi."

The second solution to the sexual violence survey today was, today, very much against a 25-year-old girl who brought a lift from San Giorgio at Cremano station of the Circumvesuviana.

The Court of Appeal has issued a nineteen year-old Antonio Cozzolino.

"I would like – the girl still says to her lawyer – that someone would explain to me why I should be telling everything this. I tried to give myself a reason t as for the first publication, the first thought might not be like violence, but for the others I have confirmed that I had been without meaning to me by not moving or moving. I got the question for hours with the police, magistrates and psychologists what was the use?

In the past, the pre-retirement phase was set aside by Alessandro Sbrescia, the youngest member of the group aged eighteen and also the first time to make a claim with Eduardo lawyers. Izzo and Giuseppina Rendina. The panel accepted the guardianship request and imposed the order for custody. The third boy still in prison has not yet considered the appeal.

a & # 39; incentives the future. The suspects were making sure the relationship with the girl was permissible. Thesis has been treated by the victim, with the help of the Maurizio Capozzo lawyer, always out. As a support to the 25-year rebuilding, the judge and judge said that the girl was rescued by a passenger shortly afterwards when she was on the station of tears.

A report was given at the hearing confirming the violence of a violent crime.

"Two of the nobles who were banned at the beginning of March were released in the Circumvesuviana and were released by freedom. Today the second solution was ordered by the Review Court. the decision it was taken, but I let it say it's a shame, a few weeks after violence, that two of the three criminals are already free to go round and make the cables themselves. ' The deputy principal, Luigi Di Maio, is written in a post on facebook.

“This must have had a huge impact on the mind and who should be paid? I can not accept such a thing. There is clearly something wrong with this country. Everyone has the right to defend himself, following our legal system, but the accused of sexual violence against women must be able to do so from prison, "he is t openly shown.

It is decisions that the judges make. It remains to me, as a father and as a person, that we have a bitter feeling and anger at that incident in our region. All we can say is “Vincenzo De Luca, the president of the Campana Regional Council, also speaking.

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