"Sexual wear can try to get someone"


(Dan Viet) Often, Sai sexy coach, female Sai – Yen Xuan was not so easy to use.

Bamboo shoes:

Girlfriend Van Lam – often an athletic room coach, Yen Xuan, and wearing clothes

The Female Games Tutor – Bui Thi Yen Xuan the WAG is considered to be most generous in the AFF Cup 2018. He is the keeper of the Van Lam man. The personal page of Yen Xuan is full of scenes that show generic lifestyle such as a & # 39; Bearing beachwear, short short to go out, and watch movies or pictures of crazy fashion on the left.

I would like to have sexy wear to be understood as easy

There is a beautiful touch, Yen Xuan always focuses on when it's going to go. posting cunning pictures on social networks. However, it has not been re-understood again by the way in which it is consumed. She thinks that this is not right because she can not judge someone through clothes.

In particular, Yen Xuan said: "It's easy for people to get rid of people with real pictures, but they forget to live in the world, and they're all a & # 39; spawning out of my fat and losing job opportunities. My worst ones are currently unfortunate. Good or bad people are judged by behaviors, not clothes. vIt's really important, but it does not mean that I need to do everything in the eyes of others.

Yen Xuan had a great deal of emotional grief, and one was also due to her style tight. So she draws on her own knowledge: "I like to be sexually prepared but not really horrible, right in the right place, look at the costume, many think it's easy, but thank you for this share, and I can not try to get rid of men. I do not have to be artificial for me. Simple people, and how they first carry you, are not enough to judge who they are. "

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Yen Xuan likes to spend short short when they go out, and Watch movies because it's a comfortable feeling

Use attractive only time, place right, not surface

He took a lot of effort to reduce the 27kg, so Xuan Yen loved his status and proud. Sensuality is one of the ways in which it shows its results. However, the female student always aims to behave the right place, the time, not being silly.

Lam Tay's lover admits that her sisters are not dressed in sexy clothes, but it is not good to know how peaceful it is. For example, although I like to spend short short, it's not just a & # 39; carry out with friends, going to the movies, they do not; spend for work, going to school.

Yen Xuan thought: "The best board is for me, I notice short-sleeved shorts, which are long hidden or cropped in a croptop, because the pants are slow, so I need to take them to make sense of balance. Just look out, watch movies with close friends or your sweetheart. In particular they will feel comfortable and confident .

Value, personality can not be valued by person. But girls should have regard to the environment. If you have a short pants wear, go to school, damage to the victim will be damaged, by 20cm by attack. "

Depending on personal feelings, Yen Xuan stressed that sisters with sexual beings or women should also have appropriate conditions to prevent them from being extinct, and show moments of grace.

Bamboo shoes:

Bamboo shoes:

The images of the generous life of Bui Thi Yen Xuan

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In the lounge she did not let her alone

Bamboo shoes:

Bamboo shoes:

Depending on the situation, Yen Xuan is costly suited. For example, use fun games to go to the athletics, and wear swimming to the beach, clothes when you go; visit the temple …

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Xen S Photo Yen Style with a skirt close to its body when it is; hang out with friends

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