Sgèireach was killed in a ridge near Pemberton


PEMBERTON (NEWS 1130) – A skipper has died after a robot shot down on Thursday Pemberton Thursday.

Sgt. Rob Knapton with Whistler RCMP says about 2 p.m., they got an emergency beacon that was executed near Pebble Peak. The man was together with a group of skirts when the slide came down, buried.

"Those who were skiing with the person who were buried were riders and lunchtimes, so they were able to find the person as well as the excavation. Unfortunately, As a result of the avalanche, the person who had buried was caused in the cover. "

Others moved the human body to a local cabin, but they did not; The teams can go to Friday morning.

"We went to their cottage and were able to get their body back and help them to get out of the other people," said Knapton.

The dead man was 42-year-old from Squamish.

It is not clear how much was the cost of clothing in the area where the skiers were at the time the slider came down.

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Knapton says that his / her group had an experience in the & # 39; behind and had equipped fitting.

"But something we want to make sure that we are reporting to the public if you are entering the backup, make sure you have trained in the equipment and your own devices and for the whole team.

"Also, make sure you look back to the preview and what weather will be when you're out there, as well as leaving a plan with someone back where you are come and so they can contact us if something has happened. "

– With files from Lasia Kretzel

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