Sgioba Travis Scott & Skrillex for psychedelic "Sicko Mode" Remix


Travis Scott is holding a & # 39; bless his fans. Astroworld falling in August and turned a hip-hop game on his head. But nothing was stopped at that "Sicko Mòd" however. The blow version, which was helped by Drake, breaks a head on a & # 39; There is a huge move in everywhere, but La Flame has just restored it. It was not like we were getting tired of the "Sicko Mòd", but Trav was a " Feeling things needed to be taken to the next level. No one complains.

The "Sicko Method" relationship is refined from Skrillex. Trav gave Twitter to update the new word, which could be purchased on his website for giving or distributing 69 cents to your favorite services. The cover song for the song reads, "I went to Astroworld and got everything I got this wild song", which is very clear to the shirts- The tourism is found in every place that is located in the area. travel. Enjoy the very simple new series that would play a lot during Trav Astroworld a trip.

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