Shaban driver lives! He is in a critical state, praying for his life! (PHOTO)



18.02.2019. 09:54

Mirsad and Shaban

Mirsad and Shaban, Photograph: Instagram Scàilean Scàilean

Denis Keric, son of Mirsad Keric, sent his Facebook profile that his father livesSouth Westerly

"How did you hear all through my TATA media There was a bad traffic accident at Mirsad Keric, my father did not survive He is a severe hospital and is struggling for his lifeNext Post There are still some tools. Pray for God to my father, "Denis wrote.

Sabit Dervisevic had previously said that a German hospital asked him to have Mirsad Keric a & # 39; affecting the injuries.

"The nurse's information thank us that God is wrong. We have information that the situation with Mirs has not changed and is difficult. We hope the best thing is," said Dervisevic .

In a bad disaster Šaban Šaulić was killed in Germany, a picture from the accident site Look hereSouth Westerly

Star It is native folk music in the car, according to unofficial information, he was with the driver and the baby, and the incident crashed around Bilefeld in which he sang.

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