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Cai Changxian married tonight feast. (provided by Qunxing Ruizhi)
Cai Changxian and Yu Meiren, Zhao Youting. (provided by Qunxing Ruizhi)
Chen Zhusheng, Cai Changxian, Li Lie. (provided by Qunxing Ruizhi)
Cai Changxian's wedding stars were collected. (provided by Qunxing Ruizhi)
Love has been running for eight years! Cai Changxian board table and his wife

Cai Changxian (27th) and his sweetheart Vivian had a special marriage outside in the & # 39; their Gongga town. Cai Changxian's friends were all over the world, and played at the beach tonight. Chen, Cai Fanxi, Liu Yuer, Hou Yanxi, and Lin Jinglun were all in their wedding. Chai Zhiping said: "Chang Xian is our first event happy with our company. We are all happy with the entire company. Everyone also has a small Vivian base -Real and small-scale. "

Cai Changxian was holding a wedding at the beach show tonight. Among the friends in the & # 39; A series of exhibitions included brothers and sisters, broker company, "Li", Zhao Youting, "Chicken Hero", "Shen Ke", and "List Super Red" program Bandi, Yumeiren, Xu Zhihao, Zhan Yawen, Barbie Liang, Wang Caihua, star football team members, etc. are also present to congratulate thousands of people watching the beach to make the best wishes to offer a new couple.

Cai Changxian and his wife Vivian were planning to run for eight years. Today they got the last beauty. Cai Changxian confirmed his wife later: "I'm in my hands today. Hey! I love you!"

On the spot, I opened a hundred boards and took a game to drink and drink. Friends Zhu Xijing and Yang Lanshi and Barbara Liang were also a sing songs for the wedding. Yumei was also over the "Red Man" group, Xu Zhihao, Shanliang Bara, etc. The hot people sang, and Cai Changxian gave the song "Perfact", "Heart Blossom", "Give You" to his wife, and broke the watch.

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