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TAIPEI – The two bold and dark horses affected the Golden Horse Awards this year.

Unlike last year, when one movie hit – The Bold, the Corrupt, And The Beautiful – a & # 39; The first half of the six top prizes, with other competitors to win at a & # 39; Most of them, this year's race was open.

At the last Saturday event, a new film has evolved in the departments for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Act, Best Support Act and Best Support Assignment.

While the amazing director Zhang Yimou eventually came home as the best best director for his wuxia flick wield, Shadow, coming out of his huge screen – Shadow's 12 claims – to reward themselves.

The Best Movie feature feature to The Elephant Sitting Still, is about four who are looking for light from their problems and their. hunting a mythical elephant.

Hu Bo, who was reported in the war with creators of creative control films, was eliminated by 29 years of age in Beijing last year.

On Saturday, his mother took the prize on his behalf.

Taipei audiences won a Taiwanese actress, Hsieh Ying-xuan, a & # 39; stay up to their favorite visit by going to & # 39; hitting the best actress for a & # 39; fighting in Dear Ex, reciting Taiwan News.

"I will continue to learn hard," said Hsieh, to shoot tears over her disappointment in her & her; awaiting four other campaigners, including the initiative of Sun Li (Shadow) and Zhou Xun (Last Letter) campaigners.

Singapore fans will have the opportunity to see Hsieh personally from Dear Ex will be screened at the Singapore International Film Festival on December 2.

Tickets will be sold out, with the festival website which shows that the service will be present, although names are not listed.

On Saturday, for those who are betting young women to become the best player in the future, Si Pangoyod Taiwan is the best player to play the new player best for her strong role in Long Time No Sea.

Earlier this year, the 14-year-old had been deployed, named as the best young actor at the Minsk International Film Festival in Belarus for the same place .

But among the signs, the event – known as the Chinese cinema Oscars – was also a saddle with politics.

Yue Fu, in responding to the Best Youth Report for Taiwan in Taiwan, said: "I hope to recognize and deal with one day as a truly independent country.

"This is the biggest thing I have as Taiwanese."

The BBC said Saturday's showers used the word "Sìne" several times to mention Chinese films and one reporter reported Taiwan as "China, Taiwan".

Gong Li, who was chairman of the jury this year, refused to be on the platform with Taiwanese leader Lee Ang for giving the Best Feature Film award, recited as a result of earlier ideas through night about Taiwan's sovereignty.

It was also said that Beijing asked China's Chinese attendants to strike a party after the service.

At the same time, Singaporeans who are visiting Taipei this week can also go to; Supporting the Awards Award, with a related film festival that began on November 8 and will complete this Sunday.

Some of the candidates announced for the Awards as well as Padamaavat as well as Bollywood, and the stars of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have been married in Italy last week.

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