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Today is Hong Kong's Badminton Open Day. It can be said that there is a wealthy Japanese team in Hong Kong. The singers, female women, women's womens, women's doubles and mixed doubles have gone on to the festival. Each game is very competitive. Exquisite, in women's final doubling, has tries to save the ball and fall into the ground, and the fans allow spirit "that the ball does not fall, without to always give up. "

This rare picture appeared in the 30 minute minute of the 2nd visit. The players set out on the side of 47 shots. The last two Russian players, Li Shaoxi, Shen Shengyu and Fukushima Yuki in Japan, both dropped to the ground to save the ball. I'm really sorry to smile.

However, the fighting spirit of the four players said the fans were happy. The distress said: "The three people have fallen to the ground. Do you believe it?" The final score of Fukushima Yuki did not pass the net, and the Coirèiseach team won it. The score was won by the first seed of the conference, Fukushima Yuki / Hirota Choi, at 21:18, 21:17.

The female singers and the double mixed campaigns are also Japanese players. The female singers in the 4th round of the women's singles game, due to Taiwanese's death, after their injuries, the Japanese player Aohara hopes to go ahead. The final is 21:19, 24:22, and Thai, Isaiah. Shuangdubian Yongda / Dongye Youzao 21:18, 21:14 was affecting her & # 39; mainland band on the mainland; Sunan was a South Korea 14:21, 21:17, 21:13 a & # 39; affect Nishimoto Boxing in Japan; Gideon / Sukamuyo attacked Kasuke Kenji / Yoshida Kaisho at 21:13 and 21:12.

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