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▲ The interview is heavily heard of Zhang Zhongmou
▲ "Korean Yu once a week!" Fresh Vegetable Farmer: "Wu Yining was just watching TV!" (Photo / NOWnews photo)

The price of Korean quay has fallen dramatically, with almost no one sold for 10 yuan, which suggests farmers. Chen Jizhong, vice chairman of the Agriculture Committee, said the price of vegetables had fallen, and the cabbage could be cut 6 or 7 times a year, so farmer's Yunlin plants argued "the price of vegetables is like steel and stable , and hit the floor of the building. " Acid Chen Jizhong "receiving the Nobel Prize in the agriculture sector!" In addition, he also said that the Yu Korean once a week, with regard to Wu Yining, was only seen on TV ".

Yunlin Cai Nonglin, Jiaxin, in the "Key Time" program said Korea Korea Yu is a non-ordinary politician figure, a real person, and who hear a voice of the people. "When Korea is in the world, we help to make a logo, I need to be good. By doing it, getting to the auction, you get benefits and income good. We're not in need now, and both markets are completely broken. "

Leading Wu Yinning, Lin Jiaxin also said that Korean Yu was able to do it once a week too. It would also add a large number of popups to learn and understand. The next thing it would be; "Wu Yinning? Wu Yining on TV. Come Come!" And ask Wu Yining to & # 39; doing practical things? "We did not see Wu Yining, I did not see the general manager of Beinong! But the market of Beinong and Xiluo's fruit and vegetables are getting involved."

Lin Jiaxin said that the DPP was not willing to control the vegetables that were introduced. Why? Due to the political and business relations that are behind! It's a great interest! "It's not enough to be imported; Taiwan's agriculture is today's world guide, but it was exempted from exports. It is not easy to say," There is no a & # 39; our market. Does the government want to go back and protect the farmers? "

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