Shahrani's attempts are not "green" before they come to Jordan


The tests made for Yasser Al-Shahrani who were a team defender showed
Prejudice the muscles of the blade, and yesterday was open in a friendly conversation
Saudi team reunited with his friendship.

The team started Saturday training to prepare for a friendly Jordan game
In the main Amman city on Tuesday, within the third phase of the preparation program for participation
In the 2019 Asian Cup.

Al-Akhdar held a training course at the Jalawi Saud Bin Prince's Park
Sport, led by Juan Antonio Pietzi's coach, who was to divide
The players for two groups, the first one was to; including players who were very active in Yemen, as long as they were
The rest of the regular exercise players began to run around the playground, then cooling exercises,
Before putting Pitzi spent a quota for training at different values.

Salem Al Dosari Intermediate and Sultan Al Ghannam's defender followed the special revival exercise
In a medical club with the medical device, long & What are the rehabilitation games for the Mohammed midfielder
Kno after relaxation to feel pain in her & her; chess.

His first national team, Sunday afternoon, will be participating in the City Stadium training session
Prince Saud bin Jellawi Sport at 4pm.

On the other hand, the team's decision was left on Sunday afternoon to the Jordanian capital
Amman to complete the third phase of the preparatory program.

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