Shahril Ishak of 2018 Cup AFF Suzuki long and Faris Ramli will go to return


Fandi Ahmad discovered that it was difficult to lose Shahril Ishak the main person for his & # 39; rest of the Azsuzupi Azupa Cup Cup 2018 after getting under the knife for a shoulder that was removed.

The defeat of United Home has been a terrible problem in the 1-0 damage to the Philippines in Bacolod today and went for surgery just when he reached Singapore.

Le Shahril has been out for the rest of the competition, Fandi now hopes that Ikhsan Fandi, Khairul Amri and Iqbal Hussain can deliver the goods in front of the visit.

"How sad we lost Shahril. He has gone to his position and will not be involved in the rest of the competition. It could have been a game converter , "said Fandi to FOX Sports Asia.

"In the Philippines game, we wanted to submit it because these routes can only be delivered now, I hope it will be well and it will be ready for the season next year. . He is still part of the team and I hope he can join us in Bangkok.

Although Shahril is making a big blow to the Lion, the news was poor; Better in PKNS FC's form Faris Ramli.

Suffering sufferers of enough illness to drag a & # 39; War against his Azkals against the game but has escaped after him and even part of the training on Friday.

Faris will continue her training and her. managed but it is still apparent if Michael is dangerous for his star on for the game to win against Timor-Leste on November 21, Wednesday.

Fandi said: "Faris has a tired shortage, so far. He was held under training today (Saturday) but we are also preparing other players if it's ready for his game (in front of Timor- Leste). "

The Lions have to go out for the impact of the Timorese on Wednesday before arriving at Rajamangala Stadium to go to; forced them to protect the camps from Thailand on November 25.

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