Shakib's kind of trouble hides himself


Shakib's biggest problem is the BPL final, it has not hit in New Zealand! Image file Prothom-alo

In the last year, played every five, including an international cricket, a Shakib cricket in a & # 39; finals, all of them lost. The wounds left in New Zealand unexpectedly in the previous day on the afternoon of a New Zealand trip.

It was said, give me a little while before you come into the sitting room. Two hours before going to the field, just two or two hours ago, not before the game, later on. But if the game does not match Dhaka Dynamite, Mood will not be a bowling member? Singing Shakib to Hasan, & # 39; Ha ha, no. Today I have no illness!

Shakib's departure to Comilla has gone away. The Games Award was not won by the 2016 shops. But Shakib kept his word. For a while, he spent time. At his press conference, he answered many questions. He returned to the room and smiled. But who says, the mind is burning a lot!

Yesterday, Shakib's IPL team on Sunrisers Hyderabad has statistics on their Facebook page. In the statistics, they showed that Shakib was all playing in the final conclusions of the international T-Twenty games. Bangladesh Team for the 2016 Asia Cup and 2018 prize Nidhaus Prize. Shakib played three IPL matches, four times in the BPL, once in the CPL, Bangladesh T20 Cricket in 2013 and the Khulna Department in the 2010 Cricket National League Championship.

Just why in Banglaidia, how many cricket do you have to play as many centuries in the world? Shakib, who will not be a warrior tomorrow, but if you get the title of this last game, the performance would have been good for me; You can be a caretaker (today). Yes, it's a performance to play the final. When the competition or series is done, the end to the end is a good achievement. In this competition, only two teams from the seven teams had played in the # 39; final. I played the last three final results of BPL, I played three IPL matches, played in the CPL. Knowledge is good. In fact these are not all the experiences. If you can win the final game, it's better. Try the places that need to improve. We can win the last game. & # 39;

In the same year, Shakib played in the final five games (against the result of a branch, the Asia Cup could have been played), everyone lost. The wounds left in New Zealand unexpectedly in the previous day on the afternoon of a New Zealand trip. In the last round of the Kalam attack, BCB's doctor, who can not be damaged to the place for almost three weeks! That means the one-day series is against New Zealand's head. Whether it's available in the Kiwis test series starting on February 28th!

Kale has lost in the final, a series of a haunting tour in New Zealand; Ending In the midst of this bad news, Shakib can be strong in mind, keep a smile on his face. In the mobile phone message, by sending & # 39; I'm sorry, I did not break! & # 39;

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