Shane Harper's hero against Frölunda


Follow Heteey Örebro on a bad loss on Saturday with his main team Hitler Frölunda. Just like the last Saturday, its game was targeted but then Örebro could decide with Shane Harper.

The impact of the night was the second one just for Örebro against Frölunda. The last team of these teams met in Behrn Arena on December 6 last year, when Örebro won 7-1 in total. Tonight it was harder when the game finished 4-3.

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The night game was also home to getting Örebro, Stefan Warg, who came to Örebro on Friday. disappeared after a change by Malmö. On the other side, the hill was Marcus Björk.

Örebro will succeed by & # 39; fight better

Örebro is at the main part of the season at the bottom of its; board. But the team succeeds on the highest team and its team. turning the points against him. In the night game, Frölunda was the longest team; Better, but despite early leadership and several powerplays, it was difficult to stop Örebro.

Frölunda was able to be at the beginning of his game after about five minutes of play. Samuel Fagemo received a neutral situation and did not make a mistake. Örebro played and it could reduce powerplay through Kristian Näkyvä.

It was an amazing event. In the second time Örebro won 2-1 and one went to the third time with a 3-2 command. Frölunda was very active and had a number of power players, the targets followed by others 8-16 for the guests.

But he did not stop Patrik Virta and Rodrigo Abols from targeting goals for Örebro. The goal of Abol has been assisted by Marcus Weinstock, he has been renowned before the game since he played 500 games in the club recently. .

Early electronic decision by Shane Harper

In the third time, Frölunda got rid of Chay Genoway and the 3-3 result showed you out of time. At the time of Örebro, the targets won by 10-6 but the guests were incredibly surprised.

However, the long-term time did not last, Shane Harper was only 15 seconds to kill two points to Örebro. His goal was very similar to the guests & 0; 0-1. Harper came from the cottage at full speed and got a free position, and grew straight behind Johan Gustavsson in Frölund's goal.

Örebro went to the registrar again

After the previous defeat against Skelleftea last Saturday, Örebro over the deck was suited. Tonight when they won and took two points, they went down under that piece. This meant that Mora won against Brynäs by 1-4 and gave three points.

For Örebro, a hard game is now waiting for Färjestad on Thursday. Then the Timrå finally comes on a Saturday trip. They were tonightly scrapped off the HV71 with 7-1. If Orebro can now be done back on Saturday, it's still visible, because, as they said, they enjoy the best in terms of good struggle.

Photograph: Martin Avedal – Örebro Tribune

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