Share for money for next year: we did not get anything



18. Nov. 2018 6:00 pm

Share for money for next year: we did not get anything

According to Prime Minister Marjan Šarec, the government will endorse the application for a new law on its implementation; budget at their meeting on Thursday. Although one case is still open, some joint-wing partnership partners need to co-ordinate each other, Sharec said after a finest partnership yesterday. He did not reveal what kind of question he is.

According to Šarč, the partnership also concluded that the balance of 2019 budget, which begins to be prepared according to the new year, should be taken forward. the fiscal rule must be followed.

Šarec asked the money he needed to give the government in the following year, he said: "We did not find anything. The money is not sought on the way , because the situation of such a budget does not throw out the money. "

Šarec also explained that the partnership partners were familiar with their negotiations with the public sector unions. He did not say what the money they cost on public servants. He did not reveal numbers on other items to respond to individual partnership partners' requests.

In the SD, when they reached a consortium partnership, they emphasized the reduction of waiting reduction in healthcare, and DeSUS and SAB emphasized the development of the position of pensioners. This may be an open question to talk about Sharec.

DeSUS, Karl Erjavec, has highlighted the next year that the next year, in order to improve the position of pensioners, should give the same money and the status of officers public development. On the other hand, DeSUS focuses on pension coordination and a ' pay the way. The latter also says that BID, where they are struggling for a double revival and is not now in five. They also want an increase in the percentage of retirement pensions.

President of the SMC, Miro Cerar, convened the joint agreement that they would not prevent the status of the most vulnerable groups. For example, this type of interventions was considered one of the most recent legislative changes to the implementation of its publicly public budget.

The bill on the implementation of its & # 39; budget since the budget was approved for 2019 in November last year, even though the government did not; Accept new budget commitments and some disagreement measures would be released. As a result, spending could increase the extent to which Sweden did not follow its fiscal targets, however, at a constitutional level. So the partnership must agree measures that will reduce the cost of 2019 as soon as possible and write them down in the # 39; proposed for a new law regarding the implementation of its budget, which must be taken over by the National Assembly this year.

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