Share Que Ngoc Hai before the game against Myanmar


In a training session today (18/11), Que Ngoc Hai gave a split before the game with Myanmar with great confidence.

That Ngoc Hai is confident before Myanmar

Sharing the feelings of having a & # 39; Guests in Myanmar on September 20, Vietnam's vice president: "We have been playing in a number of countries in south-east Asian, playing in many major stadiums with similar viewers in Malaysia, Indonesia. We have been used to to play under the pressure of the challenge. "

"So we are still very comfortable to play. It is important that we show our full potential. At the moment, Myanmar has very good young players, they have 6 points after two rounds, Similar to Vietnam Phone. So the next game will have an important focus on the ticket to go to both teams. "

"I also faced the Myanmar strike at the AFF 2016, and indeed we need to learn more about the video challenger. We will help us to do a lot in preparing for a & # 39 ; upcoming game. "

That Ngoc Hai was divided by Myanmar.

Share Que Ngoc Hai before the game against Myanmar.

Regarding the current situation of his phone, there was a small house in 1993; follow: "Not only me, the last two have won the team with great confidence, since the results have confirmed that Vietnam has been in a position; doing well. Personally, I will try to play my play, and I will support the team without agreement. "

"It was an inventive inventory for a coach to cast a captain against Malaysia. I do not think Is it important, I just want to do my job well. I always give enough strength to me if I give the skipper or not, I want to inspire it in the next game. "

"If you need to play in the water it will affect the quality of the team, but also Myanmar. However, as a professional player, we have to change that way." – Que Ngoc Hai shared before the game against Myanmar.

Trong Hieu – TTVN

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