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After presenting Bratoskov and Erjavec's membership today, the Prime Minister named.

"I had been watching public debates about the fight for all day-to-day pensioners, and I was expecting the individual partners to agree, but it did not; That means with news conferences. " Karl Erjavec would have been right to wait to return from abroad "

wrote the prime minister

Marjan Šarec.

President of the SAB

Аленка Братушек

today stressed that an open question, which some partner partners agree, is a question about paying a & # 39; pensioner for pensioners. SAB wanted to pay in two phases, as it says in the partnership, and DeSUS for its payment in five.

Both sides, SAB and DeSUS should agree payment, but, according to DeSUS, the applicants

French Jurce

this will not happen. It is said that the reason is in a news conference that Bratuskova praised a compromise about paying the annual allowance for pensioners.

In the SAB, they have to pay a recommendation at three phases, which should, according to Bratuskov, be coordinated in the # 39; partnership. Because the proposal is cleansed by promises in the & # 39; partnership, must be ratified by the SB Council.

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After the Bratuskova and Sarac meeting, they can smile at the pensioners

Karel Erjavec | Author: Sasha Despot

Sasha Despot

Erjavec: Such a proposal offers less money

Karl Erjavec

he did not want to comment on his hard recommendation, but it is surprised that such a proposal, which, accordingly, is a reducing the amount of money proposed by DeSUS, can also be supported by the president of the Association of Association of Slovenia Holders

Janez Sušnik.

DeSUS is praised, according to the Erjavec statements, offering more resources of 40 million euros for employing pensioners, while & # 39; smaller BID recommendation,

"So I'm incredible, what interests do"

Sušnik, Erjavec, said on the edge of the EU defense minister's meeting in Brussels.

Although Bratuskova said today that at the Saturday's joint Saturday morning, including the finance minister, agreed that a further € 33 million would pay for accrual payment (it is considered that this is the recommendation in these frames), although Erjavec is Minister

Andrej Bertoncelj

they say against him.

The Minister will ensure that no agreement has been reached on paying the amount of annual allowance for electors or any classes.

"It is not, therefore, true that Mrs. Bratušek's talk is agreed,

"said the Finance Minister in response to the statements made by Bratuskov.

Erjavec explained that they only agreed to spend more money on their current annual votes.

"How many more, we can not tell how Finance Andrej Bertoncelj could not say whether this is a budget or not," explained Erjavec. He remembered the fiscal rule and the Brussels commitments and the need to balance its budget.

Marko Bandelli



Can Bandelli and the risk of a partnership?

Erjavec leaves for Bertoncelj

Erjavec did not want to say exactly what kind of case he would not support the recommendation to change the law on the implementation of his budget held on Thursday at the government board. They will try to ministerial praise and they will be more clear, he said.

Jursh allegedly, they are also aware that the level of funding that needs to be distributed is limited. However, for DeSUS, it is fair that those with lower pensions are paid higher, and those with lower pensions are lower, which can afford to pay In five classes.

"We will represent this as long as we are in the National Assembly,"

he said.

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