Shared Confirmation between the Vietnam Republic of Socialism and the Republic of India


VOV would like to introduce a full text of its Commonwealth.

  1. At the invitation of the President of the Vietnam Socialist Republic Nguyen Phu Trong, the President of the Indigenous Republic, Ram Nath Kovind and his wife had passed from State to Vietnam from 18 to 20/11/2018. The President of the Indigenous Republic, including the State of State of Heechul, MP, and a large Indian business community consist of high-level representation.

  2. Official congressional President of the Indigenous Republic Ram Nath Kovind was held silently at President's Palace, Hanoi on November 20, 1818. President Nguyen Phu Trong held talks and hosted the President of the India. President Ram Nath Kovind met Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Chairman of the National Assembly, Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan and spoke to the National Assembly. President Ram Nath Kovind visited President Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and put a wreath at the Memorial of Martyrs' warriors. He spoke at the Vietnam-Vietnam Business Forum, who met the Indian diaspora and his friends in Vietnam. Prior to that, President Ram Nath Kovind visited the ruins of Da Nang Town and My Son, the UNESCO World Heritage site in the Quang Nam area.

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    Secretary General of the Vietnam Socialist Republic Nguyen Phu Trong and President of the Indigenous Republic Ram Nath Kovind
  4. The discussions were held in a warm, friendly setting. The two headteachers considered two-dimensional relationships and disturbing regional and international issues. President Ram Nath Kovind congratulated State President Nguyen Phu Trong as a senior assistant. President Nguyen Phu Trong welcomes President Ram Nath Kovind to choose Vietnam as a " The first destination in the south east of Asia was to take place in July 2017. Following the discussions, the two leaders saw the registration of the documents, including: (i) Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Information and Communication of Vietnam Socialist Republic and Ministry of Communications Indian Republic Collaboration in the field of communication; (ii) Memorandum of Understanding between the Ho Chi Minh Politics Academy, Hanoi, Vietnam and the University of Jawaharlal Nehru, New Delhi, India; (iii) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Nations Affairs of the Vietnam and the Indian Business Association (INCHAM); (iv) Memorandum of Understanding between Vietnam Chamber of Business and Business and the Federation of Indian Businesses.

  5. The two leaders confirmed the friendly friend different from the two Mahatma Gandhi and the old father of Land Ho Chi Minh, set up by generations of directors and humans. The Vice President agrees that two-dimensional relationships have grown considerably in each area since the 2007 Strategic Partnership was set up and a renewal of a Strategic Partnership in 2016 .

Confirm overall strategic partnership

  1. Based on the development of good two-dimensional relationships with understanding and trust, both headteachers share shared vision for Deploying its Total Partnership on all fields.

  2. Both sides welcomed the regular changes to high-level journeys, including the official visit to Narendra Modi to Vietnam (9/2016), National Parliament Convener Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan to India (12/206) ) and Deputy PM, Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh visited India (7/2017). Both sides said it was a special year in 2018 when Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc was present at the ASEAN-India Summit in New Delhi and the 69th anniversary of the Republic of India (01/2018), the late Tran President of Diem's ​​visit to state level to India (3/2018), and the trip to India with the Minister for the Protection of the Indians, Nimala Sitharamana (6/2018) and Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj (8/2018).

  3. On the basis of the two bilateral relationships already, the two headteachers agree regular visits to high levels and levels, on the agents of the Party, the State, the Government, the Legislation, the organizations local and exchange of people.

  4. The two headteachers welcomed the group of important activities in the Year of Relationship of 2017, the 45th anniversary of diplomatic links, the 10th anniversary of the establishment of a & # 39; Strategic Partnership; It is recommended that both sides be continue to & # 39; Implementing an Implementation Plan effectively for the implementation of its Total Strategic Partnership for the year 2017-2020.

  5. Both agree to maintain consistent two-dimensional co-operation procedures and produce the results of high-quality journeys and written documents.

Co-protection of protection and security

  1. The two headteachers agreed to cooperate with national defense and security as the main post of the Flexible Strategic Partnership of both countries and were pleased to strengthen the recent exchange of defense, and # 39 ; including the trip to Viet Nam. South Indian Indian National Security Adviser (4/2015), Minister for the Protection of Indian (6/2016 and 6/2018), and the mission of the Minister for the Protection of Indies (05/2015 and 12/2016). Both sides noted a successful group of joint defense cooperation co-operation, in particular the Protection Policy Conference at Deputy Minister level. Both sides welcomed the outcome of the meeting between the Secretary of the National Security Council of India and the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam (11/2016) and the successful group of the First Security Conversation (7/2018) 39; welcome navy / navy ships to visit each other, especially in 2018 and in the coming years.

  2. The two unions agreed to implement the Associate Alliance on the Vietnam-India Defense Cooperation for the period 2015-2020. The two headteachers agreed to strengthen collaboration in a range of human resources training, and the use of cooperation between the Army, the Air Force, the Navy and Marine Police as well as co-operation in a network security range, sharing information.

  3. The two headteachers said they were happy to award $ 100 million a credit package to build a high-speed goods boat for the Vietnam Border Patrol. The Vietnam side was a great value for its & # 39; Credit package of $ 500 million protection industry and agree the procedures to accelerate investment.

  4. Both agree to increase the sharing of knowledge in training and training of officers and officers to participate in the United Nations Fairies Force and cooperate to find out the impact of & # 39 war in Vietnam Criminal information and sharing law enforcement knowledge. Agree mutual support and strengthen collaboration in multi-side security defensive frames, especially ARF and ADMM +.

  5. Both sides agreed that there was a need for better cooperation in the marine field, including anti-piping, marine security, non-military trade interchange. According to the proposal for the ASEAN-India Strategic Conference on the Marine Cooperation announced at Summit ASEAN-India, New Delhi in January 2018, the two sides agree to the security of marine security security It also encourages naval vessels and visiting boats to visit each other.

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    Following high speeches between the two countries, Secretary General Nguyen Phu Trong and Indian President Ram Nath Kovind saw the recording of collaborative documents between the two countries.

Economic, trading and investment cooperation

  1. The two headteachers welcomed the strengthening of a double-sided trade from enhancing their relationship to the Integrated Strategic Partnership and are confident that they reach a $ 15 billion target in trade.

  2. Welcome to & # 39; Record a Memorandum of Understanding of Economic Co-operation between the two Business and Trade Ministers (3/2018), ask the two sides to develop concrete plans to implement the named agreements effectively. Further promote two-dimensional trading, including commercial promotion measures.

  3. Both sides wanted to reduce trade barriers, both technical and impartial barriers. Both sides emphasized the need for close coordination and gradual consultation to deal with two-dimensional trade issues.

  4. Both headteachers agreed to encourage two-dimensional investment, including collaborative projects between Vietnam Oil and Gas Industry (Petrovietnam) and Indian Oil Company (ONGC) in research and mining. oil and gas on land, continental shelf and SEE of Vietnam; Promoting both sides to find the initiative in a collaborative model, and # 39; including third countries. Vietnam's side welcomes and agrees to create favorable conditions for Indian businesses to invest in new and renewable energy projects in Vietnam. The Indian side welcomed and agreed to create favorable situations for Vietnam's campaigns to invest, especially in the field of agriculture, and the cultivation of agricultural products, seafood and furnishings in India .

  5. Implementing its & # 39; Program of Action for the period 2018-2020 between the two Agricultural Ministers, agreeing both sides of the Agricultural Related Working Party. Both sides also agree to review the market access requirements for accelerating agricultural products, fruit and food in both countries.

Development cooperation

  1. Vietnam's President fully valued India's long-term and ongoing support for development projects in different formats such as grants, advanced beliefs, training for human resources Vietnam needs.

  2. Both agree to focus on the implementation of unreported donations and favorable credits brought by the U.S. to Vietnam as well as the Rapid Action Fund (QIP) annual projects ) for Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

  3. The Indian government has promised to continue to & # 39; Provides 200 scholarships to Vietnam through its Technical Cooperation Program (ITEC) and 30 scholarships under the Culture Exchange Program (CEP / GCSS). The President of Vietnam announced the announcement with PM Modi at Summit ASEAN-India in January 2018 on the implementation of a pilot project on rural links in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam for the construction of digital towns and a 1000 scholarship award to students and researchers from ASEAN countries to study PhDs at Indian Technological Institutions.

Co-operation in science and technology

  1. They welcomed the recording of a Framework Agreement on Collaboration in & # 39; Using Atomic Energy for Peace (12/2016) and recording Memorandum of Understanding between the Atomic Energy Commission of Vietnam and the Global Human India National Energy Center (3/2018). Both agree to confirm the implementation of the designated agreements and to hold their first meeting of the Joint Committee as soon as possible.

  2. Both sides agree to hold the next session of Vietnam Vietnam Sub-Committee on Science and Technology, and # 39; Developing appropriate methods for collaborative research, promoting the implementation of the projects. They are changing delegation groups and their & # 39; share experiences in scientific and technological development between the two countries.

  3. Both sides agree to the importance of a stronger link between Vietnam and India, Accelerate the implementation of a $ 1 billion credit package for infrastructure and digital connecting projects within a cooperative framework. ASEAN – India and suggested that both sides would have a device fast to implement this package for projects in Vietnam.

Co-operation, tourism, and people's exchange

  1. The two leaders welcomed the launch of the Fiji Indigenous Arts Center in Australia (4/2017), the Indian Research Center in Hanoi (9/2014) and the Vietnam Center for Research in New Delhi (3/2018). The Indian President thanked Vietnam side for co-ordinating the Mahatma Gandhi 150th anniversary events in 2018 and supporting "International International Day". When I visited My Son's website, a UNESCO-recognized UNESCO world heritage site in Quang Nam, the President of the Indians was a great deal. value two close co-operation and help to effectively implement & # 39; conservation project. and promoting the three groups of churches in this heritage area. Vietnam's President praised the Indian side to support Cham's community, Cham community acquisition, Cham's schools and research programs in Ninh Thuan division.

  2. The two leaders confirmed the continued support for the exchange of friendships and scholarships between the two countries and agreed to create favorable situations for the media and media of both countries to increase their presence and work in both countries. each country.

  3. We are pleased to be aware that the Agreement is between the Communist Youth Union Committee of the Ho Chi Minh and the Indian Youth and Indoor Ministry and the Agreement between the Vietnam Youth Union and the Korean Cadet Army Army, both agree to continue Annual representative group of youth representatives to create situations for young people from both countries to exchange knowledge and knowledge.

  4. Both agree to encourage the ability to establish large towns between the two towns to strengthen more knowledge and knowledge as well as establish close relationships.

  5. Both sides agree the importance of increasing the exchange of people and people by doing so; organize film festivals and promote additional tourism collaboration. Both sides recognize that the 2011-ASEAN Tourism Year 2019 can provide more opportunities for tourism promotion in both countries. The two headteachers put pressure on the link that had a better connection and agreed to create favorable situations for Aer Vietjet to; running a plane just between Ho Chi Minh City and New Delhi in 2019.

  6. The Vietnam President also thanked the Indian Government and the Maharishi Maharishi Bank of India (BMVSS) to provide the services. revitalization and "phlegm prosthetics" for around 500 people with disabilities in Vietnam in the towns of Phu Tho and Vinh Phuc (7/2018) and 500 disabled people in Hanoi later this year.

Other fields

  1. Both sides agree to organize a meeting of the healthcare, information technology, remote awareness workforce … to implement the named agreements effectively.

  2. The two sides agreed to ensure that their close cooperation was used effectively and quickly implemented the "Building Data Search and Embossing Station and Satellite Imaging Process Center" project stand at the ASEAN framework. – India in Vietnam

  3. Both agree to complete the necessary procedures for negotiating and signing the Legal Aid Agreement in a range of civil and commercial relationships between the two countries. Both sides agree to encourage a Memorandum of Understanding on legal and legal cooperation between the Vietnam Justice Ministry and the Ministry of Justice and Justice.

Regional and international cooperation

  1. Both headteachers shared many common ideas on regional and international issues with general responsibility. Both sides emphasized the importance of building peace and prosperity in Asia and in the & nbsp; Pacific Ocean on the basis of respect for international sovereignty and law, freedom of air navigation and Economic activity has not been erased. Vietnam had a very popular Indian President for the successful hosting of the 3rd Indian Ocean Conference (8/2018) and emphasized the Indian and Vietnamese place in maintaining and strengthening the structure. open, transparent, inclusive and based on governance.

  2. The Indian President was highly valued by Viet Nam's contribution as an ASEAN-India Co-ordinator for the period 2015-2015 and his / her; recommend that the Declaration of Delhi-ASEAN Summit be encouraged together. Identify 25 years of Conversation Partnership (01/2018). Vietnam President supported his "East Indies" policy of India and was extremely grateful to India for being an important part of the ASEAN in the shape of the department.

  3. Both agree to continue to work closely together and support each other in multilateral forums, particularly within the United Nations framework. Reinforcing the support for the United Nations Security Council's non-permanent membership bid, Vietnam for the 2020-2021 term, India term 2021-2022. Indian supporters became permanent members of the United Nations Security Council when they were expanded.

  4. Both sides said they were concerned about the current situation in the South Sea Sea and set out the importance of maintaining peace, sustainability, security, free shipping and non-economic activities. barriers in South China. Both sides emphasized the need to effectively and efficiently implement the Declaration of Behavior of the Parties in South China Sea (DOC) and effectively; Earlier Code of Conduct for Parties in South Sea Sea (COC). , effective and connecting. Both sides emphasized the importance of solving disputes through peaceful, including respect for all diplomatic and legal processes, in accordance with international law, on the Marine Law 1982 (UNCLOS). They reinforced the two sides that the parties should be responsible for continuing to; going from using or using. force threat to use.

  5. Both sides strongly convinced that terrorism was made in all forms, including cross border terrorism. The Vietnam region is worrying about India that terrorism is one of the worst threats to global peace, security and sustainability. Both sides can not be protected for defensive actions for any purpose, and should not be related to religion, ethnicity, civil or any race. Both sides ask each country to accept a total approach to terrorism, including the fight against disasters, recruiting, training and re-instating foreign terrorist over borders; stop financial supplies for terrorism, such as organized crime, cash call, smuggling, drug trafficking and other criminal activities; damaging venues and venues; and to stop the agency, governing bodies from to & # 39; including the internet, cyberspace, social networks and other media. Both agree to work together to build a broad consensus on completing its & # 39; International Concerned Concerning Convention (CCIT).

  6. President of the Indigenous Republic Ram Nath Kovind thanked the landowner Nguyen Phu Trong and the people of Vietnam for their warm welcome and invited President Nguyen Phu Trong to visit India in the future. President Nguyen Phu Trong was delighted with him and agreed to arrange the trip through diplomatic routes.


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