Sharjah Municipality integrated plan for dealing with waterproof areas – LAS Dubai


Sharjah Municipality has made a huge effort from that
First time; gone to deal with these water ponds under good water
And following all the emergency cases where the city built a step
Make it ready to handle all notes and online reports online
The number / 993 / and all district teams in collaboration with the Common Police Association
Sharjah is fast with water issues in the streets, squares and all areas
The other to ensure the safety of members of their societies and their clients; preserve a lively appearance
Of the Emirate.

HE Thabit Salem Al Tarifi, Chief Executive of Sharjah Municipality, Chair of the Committee
Emerging waters the town has developed an integrated plan to deal with water poles
Lean heavy water with all squares scattered on the streets and squares
Large residential areas have begun from the outset of direct shelter
Her work and given with more than 200 self-moving and automatic bomb pumps
The large and high capacity to handle the largest water bath is also provided
All field workers in the necessary clothing and security and safety equipment
Their work is useless and effective in all areas and around the clock to keep it up
Road users safety and avoid any damage to pneumonia

Tarifi pointed out that the town has set up three committees to pursue all issues
Strong teams and proportions and a fleet of high quality and efficient approaches were delivered
Everyone who drags water and his / her; Assist members of the public to turn their cars calmly
Road roads, especially school buses and traffic, with some roads closed
Manage large amounts of water until they are all withdrawn.

For its part, HE Eng. Hassan Al-Tafaq, Divisional Deputy Manager of the Department
Agriculture and Environment The working teams work very hardly led by some managers
Divisions and departments will appear in the field to continue all that are related to them
The safety of members of the community from water abstraction and its discharge. removing barriers
The work teams are displaced on the streets and main squares; town accordingly
Design and based on meteorological projections on water and wind
Along with the lightning and thunder in the area and its essential equipment delivery
From time to day, the streets, low ground and some sites were opened
Do not have water drainage networks and handle all print communications
Hot and Emergency Behavior and reports received from the Operating Chamber
General Police Division of Sharjah.

And Ali Obaid Al-Hammoudi, Director of the Institute of Intelligence Department at Madinat Municipality
A ferry cab is ready for all 24 hour daily contact
Number / 993 / and deal with everything that is expressed quickly through communication
With the home teams in the field.

Municipality Sharjah City has designated all members of society to adhere to these ways
Safety and prevention, away from water ponds and enjoying the atmosphere
A beautiful winter with care and attention and headache with care and not worrying about the road.

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