Shatter clays go out at Waddenvereniging after they slide oil – t Friesland –


Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen informed the House of Representatives on Wednesday which is said to be 3 kilometers long and 80 meters wide. The oil was jumping over to the Wadden Islands and she would wash there on Thursday. According to the authorities, this covers 4000 to 17,000 liters of oil

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"I am delighted that that is," said Ellen Kuipers from the Waddenvereniging. "In the fifteen years I've been working here, I didn't know anything as close to the coast. "When it comes to the springs, the water passes through their jacket and they get cold."

Natural impact

Nature can be really big for this, thinking Kuipers are thinking. Especially once the oil is going to the Wadden Sea. ,, The sea is falling dry twice a day as a whole and has a nutrient-rich soil. When the oil is there, it is very difficult to clean it. For each layer, another layer is placed on a dry plate and you can't see it again. It's still a recurring problem if the oil comes back into the sea through a storm. "

Two rows

Sadly Kuipers would be a comparatively small venue. "Every drop in oil is just too much." "Rijkswaterstaat started cleaning the oil on Wednesday. A vessel with sweeping arms will help with this. Thursday morning there was already a coastguard plane to record the situation and two oil rigs were discovered.

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Their hope

All of this drive Kuipers into despair. She has seen that Rijkswaterstaat is working with one boat on the cleaning job. In the evening between Wednesday and Thursday he is not evicted. And Kuipers are surprised. , You also have the Arca ship for oil-fighting which can overnight oil with the seadark system. I don't understand that you are not using every boat. You must put everything on everything. Sometimes exercises involve four Rijkswaterstaat ships that are used, but now there are real problems, only one ship cleans the oil. "

However, the Arca will not be used at the time of promotion. This is off the coast of Scheveningen, according to the MarineTraffic website. I don't have any quiet feeling about it. If you have had a major event (MSC Zoe container disaster, ed.), Then as Director-General of Public Works and Water Management you can now show that everything is under your control . How can you work with one boat and tell the House of Representatives? "


Rijkswaterstaat says in response that it is responsible for the type and type of oil whether the Arca can be used during the night. Now that was not true, for the oil did not stay in "thick chips" on the surface, but just below it.

But we can just go up at the sight. The Arca was also elsewhere on Muir Wadden, "said the spokesman. Hein was closer to the oil vessel, and is still on the site to cleanse the oil. option to use a wide variety of boats. "It doesn't make sense to stop three ships there."

The nature center prepares itself


Two black guillemots were brought to shelter on Wednesday and Thursday at Ecomare, a Texel nature center. One of the black birds is now dead. Oil-birds are welcome; also arrived at the De Paddestoel bird sanctuary.

The reception areas are afraid of the existence of more guillemots. “Given that guillemots are caught at sea for much of their lives and their food, they are also very aware of oil pollution,” Ecomare writes: The bird breeding is preparing for it to become more Oil-birds.


On Thursday, Ecomare returned six seals from the shelter to the sea, but he was scrapped because of the oil pollution.

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