Shaw Mendes talks about marijuana, her kind and relationship with Hailey Baldwin in an interview for Rolling Stone


If you are a fan Shawn Mendes, it is unlikely to have been remarkably surprising by the interview by the singer by Rolling Stone, which came out on Monday (26). The boy talked about almost everything and when we say everything, he's all. The owner of the same "Youth" spoke about many subjects, including, about being able to; using marijuana. And, that's what you are doing; read. "I like marijuana, I think I would not have it for now, it's great for me." When I'm at home, I'll go. smoking and playing a & # 39; guitar for just seven hours, "he said. You believed hard, right?

It is worth remembering that although it is banned here in Brazil, a marijuana is loyal in Toronto, Canada. That is, although this subject has a sufficient impact, the person does not; do anything wrong In addition, Shawn Mendes also spoke about her sexuality. Indeed, the one who made a lot of ideas did; Invasion of this situation by everyone on those details about their personal life. "I would like to say that I do not care about that, but it would not be true. For example, this great thing is going on the Internet of people who & # 39; I think I'm healthy, "he said.

"I feel in my heart, I feel I need to look with someone, with a girl, in a public, and so I'm not gay. [ser gay] It's not a bad thing, it still plays a part for me; think that. I hate her & # 39; that part for me. "But on the subject, Shawn Mendes gave the men who were trying to get out of print in each way very badly.

"I think of myself," How lucky people need to do that? Commenting on this is not to take over a giant nowadays. "" That kind of thing is that; kill people. Do you mind if I'm gay? "he said. Damaged by kindness, right?

Shawn Mendes admits that he has been with Hailey Baldwin

Shawn seems to be really, huh? In the same interview for Rolling Stone, the singer sang that he was a petitioner Hailey Baldwin and that "I knew they were bigger than friends, but I still wanted to call that relationship. "The two were first spotted together during the MET Gala, but the next month she was already with Justin Bieber, a woman today.

"I knew this and I sent her a message to her: "Wait for the news." I am very happy for your wedding. She is still one of the most foolish people I know. Not just a beautiful man out there but she's one of the most beautiful hearts I've ever seen. I think I'm awful because I do not … you know. But you can not control your heart, "he said.

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