She criticized her new vision, Mittenaere Journal, responds to a user (PHOTO)


After a busy start of the year, Mittenaere Journal had to be changed. This Friday, 8 March, the Miss Universe unveiled a new scourge on social networks. "Well… I followed you, I cut everything.write it as selfie & # 39; on which it is displayed by a long, wave-shaped square, which was invited to express the opinion and the result, its supporters were split into two camps: the kidnappers who stole the courage to get rid of and those who do not keep up with this sense.

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And a few days after visiting the hairdresser, the discussion continues on an Instagram account of a new printer lottery. Section Journal of Mittenaere commemorative memorial on Tuesday 12 March. "When I had long hair … and I wasn't cared for", she said the rest of the cameras came in over 100,000 times. In reaching this click, some supporters instantly thought that the 26-year-old was regrettable. "This picture is an indication that they are missing you."asked the user. Another customer did not dismiss his disappointment and said: "It's really an opinion that you will lose hair like everybody else is, it's very bad."

This last comment has also caught caught up with the beautiful scratch – which was responding quickly. "Just as I wanted it has been 13 years since I didn't beat them!" It's been a long time since I wanted to change my mind and I broke down. "she explained. This was not the first time the final Dance with the stars make things clear by some contributors who give their views. Taken on her body, she had to pull out a fank to protect herself herself ten days ago.

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