She drove her, she stole her and she drank her; left her dying while she was playing video games


Alyssa Noceda's family wants justice for the crime of the young woman who died after suffering from pre-seals. Brian Valera gave him the drugs, warned her and left her until he died. For the crime, he received a sentence of less than three years and the victim's mother thought it was a "joke".

A young man had a drug, a & # 39; attacking a girl and let me die.
A young man had a drug, a & # 39; attacking a girl and let me die.

Brian Varela, 20, had a drug offer to Alyssa Noceda 18, and after pre-introduction fight. After committing the crime, the young man dropped her to play video games instead of being taken to hospital. For the crime, the young man was sentenced to sentence 34 months in prison and now, the teenage family wants justice.

The young man who is fight to Noceda, he invited drugs such as Percocet and THC, who gave him a pre-introduction to him. The event happened in Washington and after the crime, the young man took pictures to send his friends.

After knowing the sentence, the victim of the victim, Gina Pierson, said: "I'm sorry. It's a joke to slap her arm to take someone's life and to install someone else. "

In addition, the girl's mother stressed her daughter "who died with a massive pre-introduction related to fantanyl and general for Xanx."
Amongst the evidence that impedes Varela, the text messaging is to his friends, who are showing that he was a species with the girl and then laughed. In addition, he told one of his co-workers when he realized that Noceda was dead, left in his room

After telling the crime, the partner told him and received her; The teenage police policemen with broken legs, as Brian thought it was expected to put the body in a box to bury it.

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