She has a minute of "memory memory" on My Dinh yard and the information he has heard


Many Vietnam audiences still remember and write; welcomes the amazing time of a little girl who falls into the television game in the Vietnam game against Malaysia on My Dinh a few days ago.

He was in the 87th minute of the game, the girl pulled out with brightness and plenty of confidence and attention of observers. Shortly after the game was over, many people currently share and share it online, showing their interest and interest. her love.

A memory for her in the game Dinbych Stadium on 16/11.

We know that this girl is the name of Your Minh Chau, a 4th-grade scholar, a Vinschool elementary school. It was not just a & # 39; A beautiful appearance, which attracted the face, Minh Chau had also been on her face; disturbing academic performance and school movement activities.

He has won three awards in the school chess and is a director of literary and physical work in class and at school.

See the most fascinating images of Minh Chau:

She had a minute behind My Dinh yard and incorrect information - Picture 2.

Beautiful wild seud, painting a flower of chrysanthemum daisy

She had little confidence behind My Dinh and incorrect information - Picture 3.

Minh Chau and his mother.

Her Dinh yard had a bit of method and accurate information - Picture 4.

There is a face that attracts people.

She had a bit of mind behind My Dinh and incorrect information - Picture 5.

Minh Chau was also disturbing the school's achievements and academic activities.

She had some inspiration on My Dinh course and incorrect information - Picture 6.

Picture: Viet Vuong

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