she has to settle in Los Angeles to settle the Iainny estate!


Laeticia Hallyday is obliged to stay in the United States to settle her husband's estate. Along with her two daughters, Jade and Joy, Laeticia is now alone and remote. He had to first return to France, for a lack of myth.

Situation Johnny should … Indeed, according to the book "Laeticia, the true story", the Taulier made the decision to go away for the "new world": " America is part of my culture. In addition, I'm silent here: and I can go out on the street, my daughters will usually go to school. It's a place where I can relax, think and listen to American music. For years, and here i'm going to do with my musicians, I'm going to; recording my recordings, I'm preparing my walks and my shows. So it was reasonable that I spent more time ".

At the same time, Laeticia was not happy to leave her friends Hélène Darroze, Marie Poniatowski, Yael Abrot and Hortense Desteve. She is now less than ever in the American continent.

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