She is sad & says that a Chinese scientist says that another worker is working with gene genera


A Chinese scientist who says he created the first genetic baby that was edited to a genealogy; show that other volunteers are heavy. Picture: Reuters / Stringer

Hong Kong – Chinese scientist at the heart of a terrible storm about what his firstborn genetic dad in the world says on Wednesday he is proud of his work and he has revealed that Other voluntary volunteers as part of the research. Jiankui, a professor associated with the University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, China, spoke to a hall of around 700 people at the Summit General of Human Genom at the University of Hong Kong.

"On this case, I feel emotionally. I feel proud," he said, when a number of opponents challenged at his & her. conference.

"This study was sent to a scientific magazine for review," he said. He did not name the magazine and said that the university did not know how to learn.

He himself, who said his own work was financed, and raised concerns that the investigation was conducted in secret, and explains that he had been involved in the scientific community over the last three years.

In videos posted online this week, he said he was using the technology of generations called CRISPR-Cas9 to change species of sheep girls born this month.

He said that the generation of a gene to protect the girls from HIV disease, is the virus that causes AIDS.

But scientists and Chinese government have done the work he said he did out, and an hospital attached to the investigation suggests that a generous agreement was made.

The spokesman Robin Lovell-Badge said the organizers did not know the story until he broke this week.

CRISPR-Cas9 is a technology that allows DNA scientists to break and move fundamentally, raising the hope of genetic arrangements for disease. However, there are concerns about safety and my habits.

The Chinese Society for Stone Biology in a statement on Tuesday would strongly make any genitalization of gene generaces for reproductive causes and said it was against China's law and medical justice.

More than 100 scientists, mostly in China, said in an open letter on Tuesday that CRISPR-Cas9 technology was used to create a human embryos genetically dangerous and inaccurate genital. "The Pandora box has been opened," they said.

His research focuses on the continuing technology of genome, geology and geometry, according to its biography on a website; the summit.

He received a PhD at the Rice University in Houston, Texas, and worked as a post office research researcher in the work of Stephen Quake at Stanford University according to the site.


He said that he was against the gene generation of a gene, saying that eight couples were initially recorded for learning while one of them was in a position; fall. Their father's criteria needed to be HIV positive and their mother was HIV indirectly.

David Baltimore, President Emeritus; Robert Andrews Millikan, Professor of Biotechnology, spoke after his speech, saying that it was unlikely to proceed until safety issues were in order.

"I do not believe it was a clear process. He just got out about it after it happened and his children were born," he said.

Jiankui said he could use his results for millions of related diseases. He said he would be watching the two judges for the next 18 years and that he hoped that they would provide support with an ongoing study thereafter.

Shenzhen Harmonicare Medical Holdings Limited said the media had been involved in the E project, trying to make its own pace by saying that the hospital did not participate in any work linked to generating infants and associated delivery.

In a statement published on the Hong Kong stock exchange on Tuesday, the group stated that the signatures on the application form were circulated on the internet "which it was suspected of being done, and that An appropriate meeting of the hospital's Medical Medical Committee in truth ".


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