She looked at: "My wife put revenge on Maxim Vitorgan to the whole country"


Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan

Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan // Photo: Legion Media

Just last week, Ksenia Sobchak sent a scream at Maxim Vitorgan, saying she was too tough, but she still thought her husband was close to a friend and a good father . When the final division of a pair of stars was likely to be crucial, their couple visited their friend's party party together. Ksenia and Maxim made contact with the guests and were not like people preparing for divorce. There were times that Sobchak thought that; going with her husband – just moving PR, which aimed to draw attention to their creative projects.

The fight between Vitorgana and Xenia, his sweetheart as possible, the director of Konstantin Bogomolov, is still being discussed with others. Yesterday, in the "Stars came together," program followed a rescue debate over the video movie. There was a lot of doubt that Maxim himself had the frames, and he said they did not; see a point in such a stimulus if this was done because of more people being able to; enjoy them. Lena Miro could have had an effect on this scanner, which was trying to deliver her judgment by sending it to her. The post is "Highly" printed on his personal page. In this state, the blogger sees the same way to make wise, make decisions and make changes to what you are doing; do wrong in life.

"Now many have begun to punish hamster Vitorgan. Like him, enough to poison, inspire, and so badly! My wife out of Maxim refused to the whole country, moved openly with her lover across her hill, but he can not do anything! Maybe he can do the most important thing – decisions, "said Miro.

Constantine Bogomolov gave a great romance to Ksenia Sobchak

Constantine Bogomolov gave a great romance to Ksenia Sobchak // Picture: Presentation from the program

Write If mink coats are not the most valuable in life, but knowledge. Even the most negative, to which the blogger considers an aggression in the family, a terror and a shame. She says she understands so badly & # 39; is Vitorgan now, but she hopes he will not step further on the old stone. Miro seems to believe that the union of Ksenia and Maxim can not be revived from the ashes, since she and she; Negative talk about the TV host, telling the actor to find another partner.

"We must continue not to bring pollagamous animals into a registration office, not to obtain children from moorland, but for an appropriate person who is knows how he loves it. If the same Maxim, after being irritated, is able to make decisions, his life will be better. Is not that right? First, he It is easy to find a woman who does not make a cup in the room after a corporate party. Secondly, it will probably be more beautiful than a horse. Thirdly, almost any woman is better mother for the children of the mare – this is obvious! "- the blogger praises her.

Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan will still appear at events together

Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan will still appear at events together // Photo: Legion Media

Remember that Maxim and Xenia have been married for five years. One hundred years ago, their son Platon was born. After the recent scandal, some fans suggest that the marriage divide from Maxim may be able to; Implementation to be distributed to & # 39; marriage. Musicians believe that this situation is </ p>; prevent Vitorgan's reputation, and keep his / her; consider where the truth is.

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