She Mai debates & # 39; SNL with scenes of "Boo" and "Trip"


Ella Mai won enough winners in 2018. Since his removal of her only "Boo" up in February, the UK-born singer and has been involved in the Tour World Magic 24K at Bruno Mars, he received several special signatories named several awards, and released a studio debut album in mid-October. Ella continued her the climb that won this weekend, when she was a service Saturday Night Live guests of music.

There was a tonight program that Ella celebrated on her; first time SNL appear. And, we have to say, it was very strong. He was 24 years old and was doing things with the "Boo Up" show.

She returned to the stage to "Trip." To play

If you missed a broadcast today, you can look at Ella SNL in the videos above. The program was hosted by Beautiful Boy Star Steve Carell.

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