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Železiarne Podbrezová also works in the new year with 50 Roma without long-term employment.

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Some domestic companies decided instead of introducing foreigners to the work of Romanian Roma without long-term unemployment. This happens at a time in the rural economy that does not. The company managed over 80,000 long-term employment.

The government will prolong long-term unemployment & he works
has recently decided to allow personal organizations to include emigrants
from countries outside the European Union. They can work from the office offices
Even in times that record low unemployment to get more work on
143 thousand people.

"We see the ability to employ Roma. It is homework
a force that can meet the needs of a Slovak business. The state saved
leaflets and re-training, and, too, this idea,
social side, "said Tibor Gregor, Operations Director of the Club
500. Current pilot project for employing 50 long-term unemployed Roma
Zeleziarne Podbrezová. "With the right way, we can see
Roma work has a great potential. We make hard money earned
rather than our citizens, as third-country citizens who come and go.
Our citizens here and there, "says Vladimír Soták, in general
Director Železiarní Podbrezová.

In the last two years, the domestic market has acquired 27,000 jobs
unemployed people only completed a basic education and a majority
of these are Roma. "It appears in the correct way
companies are also familiar with working practices to solve numbers.
For example, the Roma has been quite good in their roles
people in their community who have a natural respect
named as the vajda, "said Labor Minister Ján Richter. Guided by him
Ministry for a pilot project implemented in Železiarňany Podbrezová
has been marked 420 miles barley.

In a metal factory, it is currently a & # 39; takes three months of training
50 Roma. "The candidates will be selected in collaboration with the Center
Work and training are fully paid by the employer. After going to work half
State payroll salaries and half Železiarne Podbrezová, "
Marián Valentovič, Chief Executive of the Party Office, came. wages
New 87 million staff will cost in full, which is far over
The lowest wage rate, currently € 480 per month. "We are
The real goal is to show Romany citizens the lasting benefits of earning.
That is why we can help them to set up the arrangements for the balls and
Psychologists are also available, "said Valentovič
There are up to 400,000 Roma in Slovakia and fully integrated into the labor market
A common problem can solve a labor shortage problem over time

The election procedure for Železiarní Podbrezová will be held on 4 December and
Up to 500 Roma will participate. Den them in collaboration with the four
Choose Romans the best 50. They learn in three months
work in different jobs like pipe pressures
impellers, controller or pack. The vampires themselves in the metallurgical factory
to work on a contract. Železiarne Podbrezová is also committed to a new man
Jobs will be held for at least the next 15 months. He is in Slovakia
5.23 per cent current unemployment, that is
the lowest in the history of their independent republic.

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