She stopped media as a fire. This is the president of the company Srebrna


Małgorzata Maria Kujda, president of the board of the company of Srebrna, who eliminates media as a fire. The controversy about the company that is related to Jarosław Kaczyński has been in & # 39; trying to stop.

Małgorzata Maria Kujda, the head of the company of Srebrna, closely related to the head of Law and Justice. Today, Jarosław Kaczyński stood in the media fire.

Who is in Małgorzata Maria Kujda? Srebrna's president will avoid media as a fire

On behalf of Srebrna, he must confirm the Austrian investor that he could already make an investment in the highest 190-meter ski sketch that was designed with a & # 39; company, which would be a business indicator of the success of PiS politicians. Today, the "Gazeta Wyborcza" message is clear – the investor Austrach Gerald Birgfellner placed the previous investment he promised for Srebrna Kaczyński.

Although Kaczyński is now a hero in each article and chief of the head, the president of Silver should be given an individual consideration. It is the responsibility of legal responsibility for the most important investment decisions of the company with which Kaczyński is connected since the 1990s.

So far, Małgorzata Kujda has missed the media. Newsletters "Gazeta Wyborcza" did not answer the main issues – about the future investing in decoration and the funding mechanism.

"Wyborcza" can remember its figures. She is the president's wife of the National Environment Protection Fund, who is equate many of the environmental investments. Kazimierz Kujda is one of the closest colleagues of the president of PiS and … who was president of Srebrna. He does not take control of his wife but his / her; shows that Kaczyński is sending things to her; company with the most reliable.



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There is quiet money on the case

From Kaczyński's failure, Kujda seems to have already been preparing to open an account for which Srebrna was a & # 39; Moving money borrowed for investing in a skipper.

– We'll be able one day – the leader answered the cash-teller cashier for information.

It is unlikely that a person from the head of Airgid would be willing to speak publicly about the company's plans. The case continues to improve, and its # 39; company and its people, are well researched by politicians.

– A company is governed by people who are. dealing with governance, not politics – said Ryszard Czarnecki, a member of PiS Law and Justice.


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