She was happy when her wings broke … Dalal and her parents were in a bad disaster in Australia


Libanus's new vessel broke his wings. This time, the thirty-year-old girl fled to Australia when she escaped from a small carriage after he was going to go. hit the fence. The beat started on his head and coffin. She woke up two days in hospital before she sparked the spirit yesterday … It is Dalal Abu Lakma, the daughter of Tripoli. Leaving her fast.

Mortal accident

"Last Saturday, Dalal Farha went through a birthday party before spending the night in my mother's house," said Bilal al-Jamal to An Nahara before he explained: " Next morning, at 10:30 am, I went with my cousin's wife and two young children Dalal dropped from the carriage and was taken to Sydney's Children's Hospital in Randwick for a cure but died, and the two 11 year old girl and a car driver had been injured a bit. "

Last Laurie

Dalal was born and raised in Australia, that her parents only had two brothers and a little house, famous for her information and laughter that would not leave her gap, almost everyone, who loved all who knew her, who would visit Lebanon with her family every year, The last time we were in the sixteenth month before we returned to Australia, we went to & # 39; waiting to see it again, not to & # 39; expecting us to continue to be lasting, and that she would be very sad; keep our hearts missing. "

Sadly and compassion

Lauret Dallet is in Australia. Friends of the family we ask her on social networking sites, as well as her school, who was continuing her education, and wrote: "And the patient's patient was despite bad problems saying to God and we will return to her." With the sad sadness, love and heart of believing in God's birth, the faithful student's school Dalal Abu Lakmah is laments death disaster calm pain. Al-Amanah School is represented by management, teachers, staff and a general community, and Promotes sympathy and sympathy to the Abu Lokma family for their loss of their daughter, asking God to commit mercy and to clarify her grave and enter for her Paris in heaven Al Amana School wants parents to stand up for their feelings. We ask Allaah to develop and bring together our decision in Paris. "

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