Sheikh Video, Nam Nasser's Social Media Brawl Naming


Sheikh Sarhan Naser Tanmoy

Sheikh Sarhan Naser Tanmoy Photo: Facebook

Sheikh Sarhan Nasar Tanmay, a young member of the Sheikh family, was named as a marker of the Bagerhat-2 in a national election eleven.

On November 25, he was appointed as the office of the Awami League.

On Sunday, Tanmay opened a Facebook page and received nomination papers, which are already invalid.

There are more than three thousand ideas on video In the meantime, the video section has exceeded four miles.

What does Tanmoy say in the video – Assalamu Alaikum, I am Sheikh Tanmoy This is my official Facebook page. I was not thinking now that I would take an official page. But for my time this page is open.

I am campaigning from this page as far as the development and performance of our government. I want you to be with me on this page.

After this, this beautiful young man wanted to pray to Bagerhat and the people of the country.

He said, we are new, we are young. We have many dreams, we want to love Banglade.

Tannya does not want to be a representative of Bagerhat, and she does not want to be restricted.
He said, not just Bagerhat, I am a representative of a young generation of Bangladesh. Like Bagerhat, a young generation of Bangladesh, I have a lot of dreams.

There are many things in politics that he needs to learn, he said, I know there are many mistakes and mistakes, it is not right in one day.

We will learn that we will try, and we are a young generation, we want to work together. I hope you're with me. Today, we hope to complete this goal. Joy Bangla, Joy Bangabandhu.

In the meantime, many of the social issues of Sheikh Tanmoy have already existed. Because Tanmay's women were going to counting him, the networkers gave the title National Crush & # 39; and gave him the title & National Crush.

Before giving the party name, some of her pictures and videos have grown to live on Facebook.

In his recommendation, Facebook has been quite negative again. Especially on Facebook, its number of fans is fast.

On the BBC question about the girls' interest, the beautiful young man responded in response, "We are young because young people are interested and that's normal." I am grateful to those who give me good ideas.

Sheikh Sarhan Naser Tanmoy said politics is not something new.

He said, I grew up in full politics. Watching Fufu (Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina) since he is very close. The Father is politics. In total, I do not have a new politics.

In a context, he was the grandson of grandson Sheikh Abu Nasery Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Sheikh Abu Naser. According to the sources, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Sheikh Tanmay Puffu

Her father Sheikh Helal Uddin is currently a member of the Bagerhat-1 constituency.

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