Shelter: Couple is reduced from a house of 17 chambers to soluble coach in Outremont


Until three years ago, Michelle and Guy Bouthillier stayed in Michelle's comments as "a big house." Situated in Outremont, he had 17 rooms, full of old objects and original artwork. In 2015, the retired couple, late in the late 60's, decided that the home was too big to look after and started to. look around for a smaller one.

The Bouthilliers (and five grandchildren) have four children who have been living their lives long ago. The couple would have enough space to take the family into when they visited, but certainly did not need as many rooms as they were before. To that end, they started to find another house, and # 39; dragging newspaper advertisements and open houses.

They ended with a 2,800-square co-operation in Outremont, which had once been two combustion, converted into one former owner's place. However, that is not the end of the story. Initially, Michelle did not believe in her & her; moved and he did not love the new place, and she and her husband returned to her market. The "big house" was simultaneously marketed and the two houses were sold within 10 days!

A couple kitchen is decorated with rich cabinetry, seals and stainless steel tools, but Michelle Bouthillier says she could change her beige sheets with her; company.

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The saga continued when the merchant changed his mental company and Bouthilliers brought him back.

They are now the ultimate settlement in their beautiful home, as part of a luxury condo development, which includes a health center and a sports area. There are five bedrooms in the Bouthilliers condo (there are two home offices), three bathrooms, a living room / open room, a laundry room, a small balcony and a large garden.

Q: Do you have a garden and have the condo one floor above ground level?

M: The way in which it was designed is innovative. Although we were looking for a room, we did not want to stay in high quality. It was our garden that lasted the contract last year. It's beautiful in summer with all the flowers and it's a great place for the grandchildren to play when they come to a visit.

It was the only new piece of furniture. in the Bouthilliers bought for the Outremont bed equation for the bedroom.

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C: The condo is sure to look like a house instead.

M: He does. And I feel very comfortable with that.

C: Looking around inside with the elegant old things and your most beautiful pictures, it seems that you have created a smaller version of what you've ever wanted to do?

M: (Laughs.) That was much better. I had to rid of so many things, but we were not enough to give this place. We still have material in storage that has no space. My children did not want any of them.

Q: Did you buy anything new for here?

M: Only the bed in the bedroom.

The sitting room shows a couple of chairmen of Louis XIII's chair.

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Q: The lovely shoots and seats in the living room, your exterior and its sidebars, all the original ones you have?

M: They were. Guy and I had been collecting furniture and photographs for many years. Some of the things we bought here. Some of our pictures are with Québécois artists, but we bought overseas pictures when we were traveling and brought back to Montreal.

Q: Can you get one?

M: We got the big picture of flowers in Belgium. (He is hanging behind a young sister's baby). To make sure the image was not damaged, the canvas had to be removed from the tail and rolled frame, and then re-instated back in Montreal.

Some paintings and pictures are with Which artists, but bought overseas pictures when they were going to; travel.

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Q: Do you think you want furniture design from a special bird? I see you have two Louis XIII chairs in the living room.

M: I like that style. The Louis XIII lounge chairs are also, but I also love Jacobean style. (Usually made of dark woodland, Jacobean furniture is marked by sharp legs). The record is in the Louis V. backdrop.

C: It's really fine.

M: This style shows much of gold decoration. The top of the board is marble and the lamp is side with its & # 39; a distillery made of a marble too. I got the lamp from my mother-spouse.

(We move into the kitchen, which is covered with rich tools, rosewood woods and stainless steel appliances. At the end there is a banner of breakfast with a tulip, white, mid-yard table , Eero Saarinen, is surrounded by similar pedestal chairs. It has a dining area in front of a terrace window to a roof that looks out on the garden.)

The large picture of flowers in Belgium is hanging behind a great baby's baby.

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C: This is a very exciting kitchen, but I think it's less than the ones that were; What do you have in your home?

A: It's definitely, but I'm accustomed to it now. There are lots of storage spaces. (Bouthillier will open up magazines and doors to show me what she means) I'm not really fond of the beige plants, with pottery. It was here when we moved in. I may change it at any time, but that's something for the future.


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Residents: Michelle and Guy Bouthillier, late 60s, and Laurent Bouthillier, 40

Location: Outremont

Size: 2,800 square feet

Price: Around $ 1 million

Been there: Since 2015


The dining room is covered as part of an open plan that is available; link to the living room.

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