"She's been my life for a long time"


Montage drawing Photograph: Lars Dafgård.

"The most important thing, such as the day being together, is to share their courage with colleagues and especially the students. You are aware how important is it for some of the students to meet this way, "said Cecilia Larsson, a 14-year-old girl's tutor teacher in the tragedy of Orsa's smith Friday night.

Cecilia has been familiar with the girl since his youth years.

– She has been with my whole life. There is no way of dealing with such a situation, the needs are so different from different people, Cecilia says.

"The student you think was to have at least needing support, often the ones he needs," she says, a & # 39; praise the school's energy resources on Monday.

Teachers, guardians, carers and the Church of Sweden – gathered several in a community and supported as part of Monday.

"It's been very funny, but it's very upset. Everyone is ready and the teachers are working fast. The closest peers were, with the day-to-day technology Today, already talk about it in their social media organizations.

A candlelight stands at Malung Central School.

Cecilia Larsson believes the social media for students is a major and important place.

"I have noticed that many students have put together pictures and some organizations have done a collage with everything. They have also played a Spotify list, which says Cecilia, and He tells how the students made a torch out in the school garden:

"I opened the door to create everyone. They made candles to showcase them with the other lights in the school garden. It became a good thing. .

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