she's her own purpose!


Expended by the success of his printing, "Djadja" is Aya Nakamura's; Stopping her and let her legs stop. At the moment, those who scratch the name are very tough, the singer called a violent ban in the "Liberation" columns this week.

"I do not speak as a galley yet"

About the words she uses in her songs – "R" ("There is nothing"), "Catchana" (generic situation) and "Pookie" – She agreed that she would no longer explain For a reason, Aya Nakamura confirms: "I do not still talk like a goggle".

But here, the star does not stop there and its & # 39; The debate on new land, still unpublished. She defends herself as a male: "There are raiders, they make a lot worse, what's amazing for me to be a daughter (…) When woman's opinion, we do not know When the person speaks, one says that he is right, even when his opinion is weak.

So she gives her a resolution: "I want to teach my daughter, the women are on TV, why she speaks, why is there a war, why are there any yellow hits here ".

"Girl with black skin"

Earlier, on the series of Chlique TV, Aya Nakamura had already made a complaint: "France is not familiar with seeing a black-haired girl, who loves and loves when it was compared between me and one, I was told to those who you are taking with yourself, which removes your beautiful hair, you will & # 39; doing too much; In fact, I absolutely accept it (…) When you're black, it's even harder because people have a hard time. accept it. "

On this 8th of February, Aya Nakamura took part in the music of Seine, at Victoires de la musique (pictured), and left her empty hand …

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