Shigeru Miyamoto explains how he wants to see Nintendo Tomorrow


After the changes on the inside Nintendo From the summer of 2015 with the death of Satoru Iwata, its company now has a & # 39; look at greater awareness the need to train new generations of developers to ensure that provision is made for tomorrow. Shigeru Miyamoto think that the best thing is that both entrants and older services work closely within the company.

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Nintendo's creative consultant's words can be found in the new document and official response document at the time of the latest financial results (Q3 / 2018-19).

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch | The product currently has a & # 39; identifying Wii levels (+100M LTD).

"I will continue to empower young people," he says. start. "I think it was through that that we set up our specific development structure. I want to continue to help with that growth while we preserve Our unique way to making video games. "

"We want to train people who can offer the main components."

In that regard he says "In terms of our development processes, we have taken forward Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which can be named as a mega-title, which shows that the This process works well and I think our jobs are also going well. "

For Miyamoto, people can understand before changing a new video game if he is loyal to him a different element. "A fascinating part of a video game business is that you can create something that many users make sure if you add a little extra value, even though it is not responsible for hard-hitting. "

Nintendo Switch
6 Nintendo Switch special video games for the future. The first two columns will come out in 2019.

That's why they will inspire growth within a company that gives those talents that everyone can not give. "We always value that point and we want to train people who can offer the main components."

But it's not enough to identify the different things: it needs to be updated. Miyamoto is a crucial defender for videogame as a regular transformer; That's why you can not do things in the same way for a long time. "If we can continue to gradually develop the key player components that others create in the future, I think we can continue to Creating materials that are loyal to Nintendo … and I think that kind of people are growing in Nintendo. "

Nintendo Switch It is a global success. The current platform of the company will have 32.28 million in less than two years and there will be at least 10 special titles; their first party this year 2019.

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