SHIP IS ALREADY LEFT: Horwath is complaining to Ford to be & # 39 ;: giving GM Oshawa


Prime Minister Doug Ford said that GM says clearly "the ship has already left the doc" when it comes to & # 39; closing to a MG plant in Oshawa.

Ford said he asked to put on a GM mobile phone on Sunday's phone if anything was done; Most could be done to keep the plant open, and it was told that it was not possible; he can.

He said that place, the majority will be involved in unemployment insurance immediately and re-training steps to help with almost 3,000 employees who lose their jobs.

Ford has made a number of requests for the federal government – including a well-qualified EH in the Durham Department – in a telephone conversation with the & # 39; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday morning for a talk about a MG closure in Oshawa.

"I promise to be back on their feet," Ford said to the Ontario legislature.

NDP director, Andrea Horwath, said Ford had delivered up Oshawa's job to fight.

Ford, who is planning to handle the media case available on Monday later, reflects its concerns for the well only not only of GM staff, but thousands are employed in the wider supply change and also in local businesses that are the responsibility of those users.

Trudeau asked the department's government to use its tools to move to & # 39; help the community, said the sources.

Ontario is responsible for submitting a re-training training group, a type of employment SWAT team that will be used in major workplace issues, to provide services that may be & # 39 ; including money to move to other communities where there are posts or re-training.

Ford asked Trudeau to make changes to EI for those in the Durham Department to extend their apportionment agreements to 50 weeks from the current 45 weeks, sources said.

Such a move would allow employees of suspected employers, such as those in the supply chain, salary and benefits of the EI at the same time to keep jobs, said the sources.

The Liberal CEO, John Fraser, where Ford was asked, how many meetings he has held with MG has been a key objective.

"We are leading the worst economic disaster hit Ontario from the Fort War ten years ago," said Fraser.

In 2008-09, when the business was automated, the Canadian Liberal government gave $ 3.6 billion to MG.

Trudeau says he's really disappointed. General Motors is closing to & # 39; kept by Oshawa and he does all that he can to help staff to lose their jobs.

Trudeau says he spoke on Sunday to CEO GM Mary Barra for being unhappy about the decision, which is one of a number of GM resources closing in Canada, the United States and abroad.

The Business Minister, Navdeep Bains, said that the government is looking at all options but GM has been very clear that its situation has not been resolved.

The Conservative CEO Andrew Scheer says that there should be a dispute debate in the House of Commons today.

Scheer says that the collapse of thousands of families in southern Ontario is a tangible shutdown and the government must immediately explain how it can help them and protect other manufacturing jobs in Ontario.

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