Shoe against Carmen Barbieri and the unusual comparisons due to the rest of Photoshop in the poster of her new job


They took it for her chacota! The Newly Together Pavilion, the new magazine by Carmen Barbieri, Santiago and Fede Bal, woke up a joke for the amazing elegant elegance and the rest of digital redesign.

Marcelo Polino raised the subject in the exhibition's specialists and started with an unfinished analysis that encouraged countless numbers.

"The artists who find Carmen Barbieri's work, that's a comparison between her and Bomba Tucumana, have put on skin to Santiago Bal, they made almost a car", the driver started as long as they were in the back, said that Santiago was like Puma Rodriguez.

"The marquee was in a Viking series, spoke to Fede, who is a director of the work, and wrote to me" Tell me what you want, if you want it, it's perfect "", Sol Pérez, starred in his first show.

"I want to see Carmen Barbieri's word in the marquee, in the networks that Gladys compares, the Bomba Tucumana already seems to have been the problem in Photoshop and does not know Archimó said that ", he asked the jury for the duration while & # 39; Flavio Mendoza was compared to the poster … Sorry Adams!

It will not be much?

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