Shona Suárez's funny surprise to Vicu6na Benjamín as long as she is. fed with Magnolia breast


Radio Miter Show

November 24, 2018

The two are happy to grow their daughter for almost nine months and in the last hours, she has shown her. The actress is the most exciting tour in her Instagram stories.

Eugenia "China" Suárez Enjoy his successful presence in the work and personal when Magnolia came, fruit in his relationship with Vicuña Youngest child.

In the last times and his stories about it instagram, the well-known shared poor momentum; lived beside her daughter while he was nursing and alongside each other.

The Trash " and "Mama feed", the two sentences chosen by his actress to accompany the & # 39; video, where she can look with her child, giving her the name, until she's a question to her husband, who will be going to her; She looks at her breastfeed she is being sprayed with a splash of milk.

The result of the artist's smile is a rare smile and the artist; removing the plane from Silen 's actress.

Remember that China Suárez is dead in the face of those who are criticizing them in social networks.

The artist had responded to her subject to criticism through instagram, twitter and facebook. He explained this week that he does not care about the negative attitudes that some people put over the internet. "People are very close, very bad. They are all doctors, pets, experts. One is needed. If not, there were any accounts of Instagram, Twitter and Everything is closed. But nothing has happened, "he said.

It should be noted that the evening enjoyed comparing in the ambition of two or two Japan where they were currently designed by postcard.

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